Hello Marie,

Effective immediately, please put my subscription on hold as I am enjoying spending time with Steve and getting to know him better.

There are so many great qualities about him that I like: he’s smart, funny and attractive. He is very respectful of me and my needs, always checking in to make sure I’m happy or enjoying myself.
He is just as enthusiastic about bike riding as I am so we spend as much time as we can exploring new area and just having adventures.
I love that he is open to new experiences and trying new things. He is not judgmental at all and he is very supportive. He appreciates my intelligence and my sometimes quirky sense of humor.
I love that he reads for pleasure and takes care of his health. He is affectionate, sweet and gentle.
We both have a lot of history but we seem to do a pretty good job of not bringing all that baggage into this new relationship.

As for my review of the matchmaking department, before you took over and set me up with Steve, I was ready to end the whole thing and see what would be require to ending the agreement.
The first two gentlemen that I was matched with had absolutely nothing in common with me; it seemed as if the only quality either one had that met my requirements was that they were male and lived relatively close-by.
I truly hope things work out with Steve but if for whatever reasons it doesn’t, I have faith in you that you will work hard to find me someone who does have a high probability of compatibility.

Thank you again and I will keep in touch regarding my relationship with Steve.