Nobody else came close to him

I like R and he is so easy to be around. None of the other introductions got close to where we are. We have hiked several times and I like to have someone to do that with. We’ve gone bowling and to eat. The dates are getting longer each time. The conversation is good. He makes me laugh and feel comfortable. He asked me to talk about non-negotiables last weekend. I had never thought about it. We are similar in our non-negotiables. We are on the same page with so many things. He has a good sense of humor and he makes me laugh. He likes to do different things. And like I that. I would like to go on Happy Hold!

He's the perfect companion for me

H is intelligent, complex, attentive, adventurous, and decisive. I am a cuddler for sure, so I especially like his desire for physical contact. He appears to be the perfect companion for me. I look forward to spending time with him and would like to get to know him better.

We accept each other

He is at my level financially, and intellectually, and we have shared activities in common. He enjoys what I enjoy. We even have a similar history with our careers in the military! He works out almost daily; I do too. He is well-educated; I am too. He likes to talk; I do too. He travels a lot: I do too. He is financially secure; I am too. He is quite the gentleman and makes me feel okay in my skin. I’m still cautious because he has never been married, but I am good with that. In my experience, most men who have never been married do not know about compromise, but I am okay with that because I am not into compromising either at this time. He seems like a man who knows who he is - no excuses. Same here. We accept each other for who we are. I like that. Let's see where this goes.

We're making plans

I really like L. We have been seeing each other since early January. We have a lot in common and similar hobbies. She is a very interesting lady. Last weekend I took my daughter over to her house for dinner and everyone got along really good. We have plans for a road trip this summer. I don't want to meet anyone else right now and would like a happy hold.

Did I mention she's beautiful?

I'm feeling she is the one & only woman for me. I know we've only known each other for a few months, but I feel strongly. I like her professionalism. She is very feminine. I appreciate her understanding nature, always taking the time to listen & acknowledge my perspective. Oh, and did I mention she's beautiful?

I found him!

I have been looking for someone to fit in and find joy with me. Someone who will bring to my life joy and peace, love, support, and excitement.
I have been looking for a good Christian man. A man who is romantic, loving, and demonstratively affectionate. A man with a sense of fun and adventure. I was looking for someone who likes the finer things in life and wants to get out with me and enjoy life.
It seems I have found this man in R! Thank you!

He's a gentleman

I like how Q is communicative, kind, caring, and sweet. He’s a gentleman and smart. We have had a few dates and have had a great time together so far. We seem to be on the same page on lots of things and have a lot in common.

He is affirming

I enjoyed talking with T and planning activities to do together. He is very positive and cheerful. He is affirming and nice to be with. I would like to be on a Happy Hold to continue doing activities with T.

We just sit and talk

She loves to touch and be touched. We take walks and hold hands, and sometimes we sit together and just talk. Her education and mine are very similar. The things she enjoys are similar to mine. Easy to talk to.

Fantastic chemistry

We have fantastic chemistry. I can’t believe we have so much in common. It’s all there: easy conversation, great chemistry, and common interests. He makes me feel very comfortable.