I love everything about her

I just want to say thank you for finding me such a wonderful lady in Patty and put me on hold. She is smart, attractive, patient, and I love everything about her. You did a very nice job.

Excited to get to know her better

I like Charlene because she is pleasant, attractive, and we both have sons who are the same age. She is the perfect height for me. She is educated and has had a successful career. I'm excited to get to know her better.

Fun and happy

Hello Lorena. I appreciate the time you have match me I would like to put my membership on hold I want to now Dia more she is fun happy and she have a sense of humor   Thank you Randy

Found me a match!

I feel that you have finally found me a match. I want to date her more. You can put my match making business on hold. I feel that Silma is a nice person. She is thoughtful, sport minded woman. I feel that Amber, who is my match maker seems to understand me and seems to know what I am seeking.


Your matchmaking was right on

Cheryl and I have a great deal in common.  Our background, age, physical attractiveness to each other, ways of thinking, financial level, kids of the same age, stage of our lives, emotional maturity, and social lives are all strikingly similar.
So of the girls that I’ve dated over the last 18 months, she is by far the most compatible.
So needless to say, your matchmaking was right on.
I hope to keep seeing Cheryl, but realize that things can change quickly.  For now though, I’d like to put my membership on hold.
Thanks for deciding to introduce my to Cheryl!

It is so terrific

I am delighted to meet Wayne. He has a genuine friendly disposition; he is also caring, sensitive and full of vitality.  I happily anticipating to meet him again. I joined Match Making June  27, 2015.  It is so terrific to have Match Making provide the search for anyone who will like to meet quality men or women.  We all have busy schedules and that is when Carolyn has been very helpful and appreciate her caring and generous nature.  Carolyn, I will like to let you know to place me on hold.  I will like very much to exclusively see Wayne, I think our romance has potential.

Thank you so much,


Louise and I have had two very nice dates. We are at ease when we are talking and agree on every subject we bring up. our Sun. date was most of  the day  and we had wonderful time. She has a wonderful personality and we share a lot of humor. Put me on hold
Thank you Jim
p.s. She kisses very nice

I appreciate you matching us

Yes, Sabrina, I am going to take some time to get acquainted with Rose. The qualities I like about Rose are: pretty, dresses well, slender, affectionate, and interested. My experience with you as the matchmaker has been one of “teaching” you of my preferences and “must haves” in a lady. This is the first lady that I care to see to learn the potential of the relationship. I appreciate you matching us. So, this can be confirmation my membership can be put on hold. I will let you know if and when it should be removed from hold.


I appreciate the time you have taken

Good Morning Jess,

Thank you.  Donna is quite attractive and has a professional background
which I can appreciate.  She has a good sense of humor, very intelligent
and seemed genuinely interested in me.  I hope to see her again soon, but
she has a busy upcoming schedule and will be out of town for a while, so
guess I need to be somewhat patient.  I hope it works out.

You have a difficult job.  I know it cannot be easy trying to match
people, especially seniors like myself who have narrow parameters as to
interests, appearance, etc.  I appreciate the time you have taken.  Donna
is about as close to anyone as I could hope for, but we don't know each
other very well yet.  Hope she feels the same about me.  I would like to
place my membership on hold until we find out.  Thanks again.

Hope you have a good week!


You saved the best for last

Andriea, my new matchmaker found me a Amazing woman name Shamita. We met at Red - Rock resturant for a nice dinner. We had a great conversation for a hour 1/2. Enjoyed smiles and laughs, and I was stunned by how wonderful she was in every way. I could totally see myself marrying Shamita, if I was a man she wanted. Thanks Andrea for the match, ps. You were correct that I'd like her.  Only wish you were involved on my other 4 matches. But hey you saved the best for last..... so please put my membership on hold for now.  Sincerely, George