• March 30, 20130 min

    "You have our permission to use any of our pics. We are so happy" Don and Karrin.  Married February 2013

  • March 27, 20131 min

    Dear Lucy,Yes, I'd like to place my membership on hold, because Anne & I are becoming very close to each other. Anne is very intelligent & well educated, independent, warm & friendly, & devoted to her foster daughter & her small children. My experience with your agency has been positive. Both [...]

  • March 27, 20131 min

    Hi Megan, Katya is a very nice lady.  She likes a lot of the same things that I do, which is wonderful, including the outdoors, camping, fishing.  And, she is very attractive, ok beautiful.  She has a good head on her shoulders, very intelligent, easy to converse with, and appears thus [...]

  • March 26, 20131 min

    Greetings Lucy, I believe your persistence may have paid off. I am well aware that I was ready to give up on this whole dating thing, but oh no you would have none of that, well I must say I am very glad that you talked me into continue to keep [...]

  • March 25, 20131 min

    Hi Lucy, You asked me to describe some of the qualities I like about Paul: he is a very kind sensitive man. We have a lot in common from the same faith based religion, the love for cooking, like the same movie and music genres. He also likes the 49ers [...]

  • March 19, 20130 min

    Hi KathrineOh yes thanks for finding Steve for me, he is a  great guy and we are having so much fun getting to know each other. The miles from my house to his doesn't seem to be a problem.  We've been on a number of date and we are just [...]

  • March 18, 20130 min

    Hand written happy hold sent in by a very happy client.  Bob was the third gentleman Anne was introduced to.  We wish them the best!

  • March 11, 20130 min

    Megan,Don and I were married last Thursday and honeymooned at Zion National park, hiking and biking. You can take our names off your register and thank you very much. 

  • March 9, 20131 min

    Hi DonniPer our phone conversation, I would like to request that you put my membership on hold, as Daniel and I would like to spend time together and continue to get to know each other. Let's see, I appreciate many things about Daniel - he is intelligent, caring, fun, gender sensitive, [...]

  • March 7, 20131 min

    Craig is a great match for me with activity, personality, humor, unique qualities and religous preferences. We have been almost inseperable since the second date. I was closing down relationships and not accepting any more line ups and not attendin singles activities as I was tired of the time involved [...]

  • March 6, 20131 min

    Hi, Donni; sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  Yes, please put my membership on hold.  I’m not interested in meeting anyone else; I’m having too much fun getting to know Barbara!  I remember how much persistence you showed in getting me to take this match.  [...]

  • March 6, 20131 min

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. What I like most about Vicki is she is very down to earth and genuine. As for looks she is slender and very attractive. In other words she is everything I was looking for in a woman. We [...]