March 26, 2013

By Published On: March 26, 2013
Greetings Lucy,
I believe your persistence may have paid off. I am well aware that I was ready to give up on this whole dating thing, but oh no you would have none of that, well I must say I am very glad that you talked me into continue to keep trying.

You introduce me to Lisa and I must say I find her very intriguing. We have gone out on 4 dates now and there is defiantly a spark between us. Now keep in mind that all thou it has only been four dates each date is lasting about 8 hours. We met for breakfast on a Saturday and we spent the rest of the day at the zoo, we found ourselves laughing uncontrollably and stopping to sit on a bench just to talk. On another date we spent an entire day at a museum discussing art and what very came to mind. We keep noticing how much we have in common and how comfortable we are communicating about anything and respecting each others’ opinions. With all that said I want to focus my energy on getting to know Lisa on a deeper intellectual level and to see if this relationship we are forming will flourish into something more than just friends. So with all that said I would like to put my membership on hold as we continue exploring our new found relationship.

Thank you,


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