Hi, Donni; sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  Yes, please put my membership on hold.  I’m not interested in meeting anyone else; I’m having too much fun getting to know Barbara!  I remember how much persistence you showed in getting me to take this match.  I complained that Barbara lived too far away (only about 30 minutes, but still…), so you sent me other matches.  Time and again when I reported back to you after one of those nice-but-nothing-special dates, you would remind me: “I really want you to meet Barbara!”  Finally, you wore me down.  I met Barbara, and I daresay neither of us has been the same since!  It’s been a wonderful, meltingly comfortable yet exciting and energizing adventure so far; and I know that we’ve just begun to appreciate the depth of our connection. 

Ya done good on this one, Donni!  Thank you for your excellent matchmaking instinct, and for sticking to it in the face of my continuing resistance.  Barbara and I often acknowledge your role in our relationship when we share a meaningful moment together.  A toast to Donni, Matchmaker Extraordinaire!