April 30, 2015

Hello Ashlee,

Okay some of the qualities I like about Marian is her enthusiasm for life and others. She’s a doer, overachiever and not afraid of much. We have quite a bit in common when it comes to our families and family values based on our conversations. I feel like I could start a sentence about my family and she could almost finish my sentence. I feel like I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgment from her. She’s very smart and I get the sense she can read people very well. She’s not afraid to engage with a stranger or fearful. She’s very respectful and polite to others.

My experience with Matchmaking is a good one. I actually liked every woman I met. They were all nice in their own way. I didn’t have a single bad dating experience. I never felt any uncomfortable pressure or weirdness on a single date. I felt every woman I met was uniquely different and SO much better than any online dating experience I have had. (With the exception of one woman I met online and dated for several years)

My experience with Ashlee as my matchmaker is very nice and comforting. She was and still is a professional that I feel is looking out for my best interest. My experience with her has been very pleasant, enjoyable and reassuring. I feel like if Ashlee is calling for me to meet someone, then that woman will be one of character and quality. I certainly never felt that confident when I tried to do my own online dating.


April 29, 2015

Joining matchmaking to find love was truly a different experience for me, but being a single mother of two and a business owner there's was no time to meet Mr. Right. In the interview you don't only learn about what you want but what you are truly looking for in a mate. Casey, Donni and Sabrina were my go to people at matchmakers. They were always so sweet and made my experience a great one. My very first match was with a gentleman name Brendon; at first sight, night and day from what I have ever dated, now I know that's what made us mesh so well. From our 1st date till now, our conversations just flow. We have great connection and I can see why they matched us up. Please place my account on hold as I'd like to see where this goes. Without matchmaker I would have never met this amazing man.

Thank you,

April 27, 2015

I would like to place my membership on hold.  I like how she is strong and has her own opinions.  She is a real individual but also seems compassionate.  I have enjoyed working with you Ashlee and appreciate your friendliness and encouragement.


April 27, 2015

Hi Ashlee.
I don't really know Tom that well, but there is chemistry between us, which makes me want to know him better. So far I like his sense of humor, his professional motivation, and the fact he's tall. So, I would like to be put on hold. Thank you for your help.. Take care... Mona

April 25, 2015


As indicated on the phone, you have been an absolute delight and changed my view of the company. Previous to working with you, I felt there wasn't much thought put into my matches and after the second missed matched, I was already being asked about renewing a membership. For the money I spent, I was definitely disappointed to say the least. Your charisma and excitement about helping people find love showed and for the first time I felt my individual wants and needs were seriously being considered in my matches.

Kevin is absolutely the gentleman every girl says she wants but doesn't think exist. I do not want to put the cart before the horse and say that this is a true love connection, but I ecstatic to see the possibilities that will grow as we begin our journey to truly get to know each other. There is no doubt that he and I will build a solid foundation as friends, which is quintessential to a relationship, and hopefully develop into more. I found Kevin to be articulate, cavalier, chivalrous, a true man of faith and very easy to talk to as the conversation was fluid the entire time we spent together.

Thank you for thinking outside the box and actually expanded on what was on my initially profile. Without you, I am confident Kevin and I would not have crossed paths.

I would like to place my membership on hold as to concentrate on my relationship with Kevin. Should we not grow into a long-term relationship, I would come back to the company only if I get the opportunity to work with you again.



April 24, 2015

Ashlee, as I mentioned to you over the phone, I actually did enjoy spending time with Danyle. We did chat over the phone for a few minutes before we met in person and she told me she was really looking forward to meeting me at Panera bread. She is someone I would love to explore getting to know better but the question is would she would like to get to know me. I wonder if the age difference was a factor. For me, it wasn't. I have left the ball in her court and if you could find out your impression when you follow up with her, it would be interesting to know if She was attracted to me.

Ashlee, you have been a tremendous support and so thoughtful throughout this whole process. I have been very impressed with your disposition and congeniality in working so diligently to find a good fit for me. After the first two dates, I was rather concerned that there would be someone out there to match my needs. I look forward to hearing from you about her feedback. Cheers! Kevin

April 24, 2015

Hi Ashlee

The lunch with Ann went very well, about 3 hours long. She is very attractive and easy to converse with. We seem to have a lot of common interests, enough to generate future dates.. We are getting together next week so we shall see. You and your staff did good with this one. You are a pleasure to work with. Please put me on hold and I will keep you in the loop.


April 23, 2015

Hi Donni:
I want to put my account on hold.
I want to thank you so much for all the help finding a match.  Thought I would never find that special person.  Well you did and I am so happy. Phil and I have so much in common in activities and
personal life happenings.  He is a wonderful man, kind,and has a great sense of humor and loves to walk on the beach. We are getting to know each other every day. I could imagine living without him.
I want to grow old with him.
Thank you so much.

April 23, 2015

Hello Donni.
Well, first of all I would like to place my account on hold!
Pat and I have hit it off right from the start. We have so many thing that are alike it is scary. I would have never tried to meet her because she is short and a county music person. BUT, we both like to walk on the beach, go to different places just for a walk, the same movies, etc., etc.. I like to take my time with her because I like to ease into a relation, but that didn't happen, she moved in to my house after we knew each other for a very short time. I know about her problems with cancer and her family, we work together on that. She really likes to hug and kiss and that is one thing that I really love about her. Right now we are going through that time of getting to know each other and slide into the day by day life that we all need and never appreciate.
Life is worth living again, after my divorce of my second wife and the death of my first wife, life didn't seem worth struggling through. Now it is GREAT!
Well, that is about it for now, be kind to yourself and eat some chocolate.

April 22, 2015

Oh my goodness, don't know where to start!  Thomas has many qualities I appreciate.  I was really dazed at how our personalities "clicked" at our first meeting to include likes, dislikes, and our backgrounds.  I was really impressed how much a gentleman he is, which I really appreciate.  Thomas, is definitely genuine, likes to laugh and make me laugh!  Our second date was to the races, which was an awesome night.  I have never had this much fun at the races before!  He was always making sure I was comfortable and didn't need anything.  I am looking forward to more time with Thomas.  Please consider this a confirmation to put my membership on a hold.  Your matchmaking department rocks!!!!