April 24, 2015

By Published On: April 24, 2015

Ashlee, as I mentioned to you over the phone, I actually did enjoy spending time with Danyle. We did chat over the phone for a few minutes before we met in person and she told me she was really looking forward to meeting me at Panera bread. She is someone I would love to explore getting to know better but the question is would she would like to get to know me. I wonder if the age difference was a factor. For me, it wasn’t. I have left the ball in her court and if you could find out your impression when you follow up with her, it would be interesting to know if She was attracted to me.

Ashlee, you have been a tremendous support and so thoughtful throughout this whole process. I have been very impressed with your disposition and congeniality in working so diligently to find a good fit for me. After the first two dates, I was rather concerned that there would be someone out there to match my needs. I look forward to hearing from you about her feedback. Cheers! Kevin

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