April 30, 2015

By Published On: April 30, 2015

Hello Ashlee,

Okay some of the qualities I like about Marian is her enthusiasm for life and others. She’s a doer, overachiever and not afraid of much. We have quite a bit in common when it comes to our families and family values based on our conversations. I feel like I could start a sentence about my family and she could almost finish my sentence. I feel like I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgment from her. She’s very smart and I get the sense she can read people very well. She’s not afraid to engage with a stranger or fearful. She’s very respectful and polite to others.

My experience with Matchmaking is a good one. I actually liked every woman I met. They were all nice in their own way. I didn’t have a single bad dating experience. I never felt any uncomfortable pressure or weirdness on a single date. I felt every woman I met was uniquely different and SO much better than any online dating experience I have had. (With the exception of one woman I met online and dated for several years)

My experience with Ashlee as my matchmaker is very nice and comforting. She was and still is a professional that I feel is looking out for my best interest. My experience with her has been very pleasant, enjoyable and reassuring. I feel like if Ashlee is calling for me to meet someone, then that woman will be one of character and quality. I certainly never felt that confident when I tried to do my own online dating.


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