We have many common interests

“J” is kind, considerate, funny, romantic and intelligent. We have many common interests. We hit it off on the first day. Then we saw each other a week later and then, because of illness and me having a vacation and company in town, we didn't see each other for three weeks but we picked up right where we left off.

Please put my membership on a happy hold.



He is a lovely man and I truly enjoy his company.

Dear Jesse,

Yes, please place my account on hold.

Perhaps...if you would be so kind to check in with me by or before May 1st, 2020 just to catch up and chat about how things are going with “B” and I.

He is a lovely man and I truly enjoy his company. We have a lot in common and he has a great sense of humor, he’s made a valiant effort at taking me out on dates and we’ve had a lot of fun together. “B” is an elegant gentleman, easy to talk with and he is polite and kind.

I look forward to spending more time with “B”. I’m happy to have him in my life...thus far, I’d like to keep him in my life.

Thank you very much.




I am very excited...

I had a wonderful time going out with “R” the other night.  She had a great personality, was very attractive and an overall great person.  We both said that we wanted to see each other again and I am very excited about that.

I want to thank Deja for setting up this match.  She has been a pleasure to work with and really tries to match me with women who are close to what I’m seeking.

The date with “R” went so well for me that I would like to get to know her better before trying another match. Therefore, I would like to place a temporary hold on my account.

Thank You.


He knows how to make a woman feel cared for...

Hi Jesse,

Please place my membership on hold. I realize I have over 2 months of hold time.

“D” has many great qualities.

He is first and foremost a gentleman and aims to please in every way.

He's a great cook and seems to love to cook dinners for me. He has great friends and has interests that align with mine. He loves to travel and has ideas for us going forward. He knows how to make a woman feel cared for, and he is very thoughtful and interesting, fun and he has a positive attitude.

Thank you, Jesse.

Warmly,  “D”

Thanks for the encouragement!

Hi Deja -

Thanks for the encouragement with “B”. It's very new, but I've enjoyed getting to know him so far. He's very kind, smart, we have similar values and interests as well as similar temperaments.

Please put me on hold for a bit while I explore this potential relationship.

Thank you,


Your team has been very good


Yes, please put my membership on hold.  I believe “T” and I are looking for the same things in a relationship and have had two really good dates.  We are going on another tomorrow.

Your team has been very good matching me with a good mate.  My first match might not have been, but the second with “T” has been great.



Thank you for your efforts...

Good afternoon, this is “C” asking that I be put on “happy hold” while I get to better know “G”! We had an initial meeting for lunch where we talked nonstop for about 2 and a half hours! We then met for a beautiful day of sailing and followed that with dinner out two days later. Presently, we are looking forward to cooking together this evening!

Thank you for your efforts and suggestion to wait for more follow through.

Blessings of this day,



I want to be with her and share life's journey wherever it takes us <3

I would like to put my account on Happy Hold with “C”.  Thank you, Colleen and the Matchmakers for putting us together.  This is one special lady.  She is strong, patient, gentle, and knows where she wants to go.  I have never been around a lady like her and I did not know how to react at first.  I want to be with her and share life's journey wherever it takes us.



My thanks to all the matchmakers...

Thank you, Jasmine, please put me on happy hold as “T” and I are doing quite well and getting to know one another.  I do not want to date anyone else while I am going through this process.

My thanks to all the Matchmakers and you, Jasmine.


The quality of our match has become more apparent...

Hello Megan,

When I joined your service, I had never before sought a matchmaking service and had not dated in many years.  I was attracted to your service because of the effort you gave to verifying applicant backgrounds and to making compatible matches.  “B” was my first match.  Although we seemed at that time to have many characteristics in common, I decided to explore a few of the other potential matches I had available.  Subsequently, I met two additional matches.  It quickly became apparent that neither was as good a match as “B”.  I also received two match offers that I declined to take because I recognized likely conflicts in their being good matches.  In my situation it was difficult to evaluate how good a match I had with “B” until I had looked at a few others.

Recently, “B” and I have been learning about each other in ever more detail, and the quality of our match becomes even more apparent.  We share many values and also many likes and dislikes.  Among these are a love of nature and our dogs, some similarity in our backgrounds and experiences, ability to often laugh together and see the humor in many situations, willingness to support each other in unpleasant situations, and living in relatively close proximity so that it is easy to see other (an important element in my view).

I have asked for a two-month hold on any future match offers so that we can explore our match more fully.