• March 30, 20140 min

    Kathrine,Mandy and I have decided to date exclusively.  She is a very fun person to be around, and we have lots of things in common.   Please put my membership on hold unless and until I call you back requesting otherwise.  Thanks you for your help!   Greg

  • March 29, 20141 min

    Hi Lucy, Nelma is a wonderful woman & we get along very well together. We have so many things in common (music, theater, travel, just to name a few). Additionally, we both enjoy a good laugh & I love sharing funny stories with her so I can hear her laugh. She's sweet, understanding, [...]

  • March 26, 20141 min

    Hi Lucy and Megan,  Thank you so much for arranging for Rob and I to meet! He is a really wonderful man. Rob is articulate, intelligent, attentive, and seems to be an all-around good guy who has a positive outlook. These are character traits that are very important to me. As for [...]

  • March 25, 20140 min

    Hi Kathrine,I appreciate your help so far in the matchmaking process. You have taken the time to get to know a little about and the type women I like to date. My last date was with Karen and I continue to date her at this time. I think it is [...]

  • March 25, 20141 min

    Hi Kathrine,I can’t thank you enough for your partnership in finding me quality dates.  All of them so far have been good, decent, successful people who have been easy to talk with and spend time with.  A few of them I have gone out with several times.  That is actually [...]

  • March 18, 20140 min

    Donni,Rob forwarded the note that you e-mailed to him.  I would just like to add a word or two.  Rob is one of the kindest people that I have ever met.  He is also very caring and a joy to be around.  We are going out to dinner tonight, and [...]

  • March 18, 20140 min

    Hello Chelsea, I am going to put my membership on hold to see where things go. Skip appears to be nice man and I will be in touch with you. He appears honest, knows what he wants, and appears to have a positive outlook on life. Time will tell, but I [...]

  • March 14, 20140 min

    Hi Marie-Jamie is very together which is something that is important to me.  He is very considerate and very much a gentleman.  I would like to put my account on hold while I get to know him and see where this is going to go.  It has been a pleasure [...]

  • March 14, 20141 min

    MarieI am really pleased to continue to know Dave. Maria really got it right- I appreciate David' s sense of of humor, his world ethics, his devotion to his family, his willingness to step out side of the box. Our initial visit was a lot of fun- I was excited [...]

  • March 13, 20140 min

    I just had coffee with David after being matched by Chelsea. She got it right. David is a happy, friendly, educated, Christian man and I would be interested in spending more time with him. Thank you for finding a seemingly wonderful match for me. Paula

  • March 13, 20142 min

    Hello Donni, I want to thank you for introducing Rebecca to me.    From the moment I called her, I felt this comfort level that I could be myself.  This made me feel good and allowed me to be relaxed going into our first date.  I went into the date expecting one [...]

  • March 11, 20140 min

    Hello Marie, As for you as a matchmaker, you are certainly a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with.  You seem to really care, and have such a great personality.  I still wish we could meet in person.  At least it is nice to feel like you understand [...]

  • March 11, 20140 min

    Marie,I would like to place my membership on Hold.  We are taking are time in learning about each other.As you we'll know I have dating for a long time. I just want to process at a slow pace. I just want to make sure we our a great fit for [...]

  • March 7, 20141 min

    Megan, For one thing Wayne is, as you said, very easy to be with.  He is not pushy, not at all demanding and very easy to be with.  We talk a lot and just enjoy each others company.  He is very secure in himself, and I like that.  We have gone [...]

  • March 6, 20141 min

    Kathrine, Marlene is a very nice woman. I think that we match quite well. She likes to laugh and is very easy going. We have had 3 dates which have been very pleasant and are planning to go out again this coming weekend. I think that you have done a very nice [...]

  • March 5, 20141 min

    Donni, Caroline is a warm hearted, extremely thoughtful and passionate individual who is exactly what I was looking for.We both hit it off the very first day we met. She was so very easy to talk to and caught my eye, an attractive woman to boot. We have been out together 3 to 5 time [...]

  • March 4, 20140 min

    Our wonderful client hand delivered lovely gifts to our office today!

  • March 4, 20140 min

    Donni,Thanks for talking me into meeting Sharon, it was kind of like a high school love at first sight.  We just have so many things in common it was almost like we are ment to spend the last of our lives together.  You can take me off of your lists now, [...]

  • March 3, 20140 min

    Hi Donni,Nancy is smart, good looking, stable, has a great body, and likes to have fun.  We share similar views on several subjects.  It seems as though we knew each other before.  You have been great to work with.  There has been no shortage of dates or opportunities for me.  [...]