March 5, 2014

By Published On: March 5, 2014

Caroline is a warm hearted, extremely thoughtful and passionate individual who is exactly what I was looking for.
We both hit it off the very first day we met. She was so very easy to talk to and caught my eye, an attractive woman to boot. We have been out together 3 to 5 time a week since we were introduced. whether it’s a public event our a night at the gym we do it together. She takes me to a calm and restful state of mind and I hope I do the same for her.
My experience with Idaho Singles has been brief and that’s only because they got it right on the first attempt.
Donni and Daniel were very personable and answered all my questions. I admit there were doubts in my mind about how this would work. But I went out on that first date knowing that the Matchmaking Department did their homework so all I had to do was enjoy the date. A little faith can go a long way!
Please place my membership on hold because I what like the time to get to Know Caroline better.


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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