March 13, 2014

By Published On: March 13, 2014
Hello Donni,
I want to thank you for introducing Rebecca to me.   
From the moment I called her, I felt this comfort level that I could be myself.  This made me feel good and allowed me to be relaxed going into our first date.  I went into the date expecting one thing and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.    
Rebecca has this wonderful way of making me be the person I have always wanted to be. She has a sense of humor that is very similar to mine and we laugh together all the time. She gives me the feeling I can tell her anything and she will listen.   She generally seems to care what I have to say.  She is so beautiful, and each time I see her this beauty seems to grow.  I believe this is the reflection of the wonderful person she is and the connection I have with her.  Each and every day I have seen her I have been happier and this seems to be a trend the more I see her the happier I get and feel about myself.
I could not imagine seeing anyone else right now as I find everything in Rebecca that I am looking for in a relationship.  I am enjoying every moment getting to know her better.  With this said I would like to place myself on hold so I can focus on seeing what Rebecca and I have together.
Working with you and and everyone else at the match making department has made this experience a joy so far, and I can tell you genuinely care to find a good match for someone. 
Donni you personally made it easy to talk to you, and you showed a lot of enthusiasm that helped shelter any hesitations I had. 
Thank you very much!

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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