I could not have asked for more!

I felt an immediate attraction to L. As we have continued dating, I have become more attracted to him. He is kind, attentive, interesting, and intelligent. He enjoys open communication. He has been very giving and has expressed his desire to have a long-term relationship with me. I expressed the same desire to be with him. It feels like the timing of our meeting and connection has been perfect so far. Both of us want to put our membership on Happy Hold in order to see where our relationship goes from here. I believe we are both hopeful that our relationship will continue to grow. We both believe we have many good years left to enjoy one another and look forward to the future. Thank you tremendously for the introduction. I couldn't have asked for more!

He opens doors for me

He is a gentleman. He opens doors for me and holds my coat to put it on me. We talk for hours. He truly listens to what I say. We laugh and poke jokes at each other. He wants to make me happy and I him. We both want the same for the future.

Let's see where life takes us

D is someone who I can see myself growing old with. She loves to laugh and we can talk for hours, which I find very relaxing. I find D very attractive and a great kisser. I am going to hold on to her as long as I can and see where life takes us. We are going to spend the upcoming weekend at the lake and I can’t wait.

He is a true gentleman

Krystal, thank you very much for finding me a perfect introduction and connecting me with a wonderful man. D is a true gentleman, caring and kind. We have lots of similar interests and enjoy our time together. I am looking forward to get to know him better and would like to see only him, that is why I am placing my membership on hold. Thank you.

Thank you for her

I was matched with a lady who was exactly the kind of person I was hoping for. She has made me remember what having someone in my life is all about. We are making each other’s lives better and both found the partner we were looking for. Your introduction with us was meant to be. Thank you for her.

I just feel really happy

We share so much in common. We talk almost every day, and we love to plan different things to do. She loves my two little dogs and has two of her own. We enjoy any time that we can be together. She stays really busy but finds time for me. Some of my family members are coming to visit in June, and I’m excited for them to meet her. We plan to take some time and find things to do with them. We’re thinking of barbecuing, the aquarium, and a nice walk by the river, just to mention a few. I feel really comfortable with her. We like to shop together. I just feel really happy having met her, and I want to see where it goes from here! Thank you so much for introducing us. We are really enjoying each other's company. Have a blessed day!

He gave me a Valentine's rose

I would like to go on happy hold for D. He is so funny and has a quick wit. He is very chivalrous. We even went on a date for Valentine's Day. He gave me a rose. He is incredibly smart. He is so well rounded and he is well traveled. He loves food. I can learn so much from him. He has always made arrangements to meet me on my side of town, a 45 minute drive. He is very sincere, and I can tell he wants a relationship. I met his brother and sister too. I want to see where this goes. I am happy to see him when I do. I am very grateful for this. Thank you Lori.

It's going really well

I would like to go on happy hold for P. I have lost count at this point on how many times we have seen each, but it does include yesterday. I really appreciate her humor, outlook and attitude about life. I am enjoying getting to know her and do not want to meet anyone else at this time.

I'm totally swept away


Thank you for introducing me to E, he's amazing. I'm totally swept away by the whole package - very attractive, highly intelligent, educated and successful, super nice and kind, with a great sense of humor. We have a lot in common and I feel like I've finally found my soulmate. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better while truly enjoying the time we spend together.


He likes my wacky humor

Hi Tian!

C is fantastic! I've never had anyone treat me as well as he does. He's always giving me compliments, like how beautiful I am (and of course I tell him he needs a good eye exam). He said he showed my picture to his daughter, and she said I was pretty. I told him bad eyesight must run in the family. He goes out of his way for me. He also likes my wacky sense of humor, so that's a HUGE plus. We really enjoy each other's company & so far everything is going beautifully. I must say, he has a wonderful outlook so I'm sure we have plenty of good days together ahead. Thanks for the introduction!