November 28, 2012

Hi Donni,

Darlene is very cool.  She is easy going and open.  We both have similar views of the world around us. 

Working with you and your department has been very pleasant.  From the initial person who answers the call, and to you personally, very friendly and professional.  I would recommend your services to anyone who would need them.

Thank you for all your efforts,

November 20, 2012

Dear Lisa:

Thank you for your email.
I am indeed very happy to have you put me on "happy hold".
What to say about Bill other than he is the perfect match? He is straightforward, very classy, a refined man with great culture. Bill is extremely tactful and full of humor. We love the same things (dining, cooking, wine, theatre, music, movies) and have the same way of thinking and looking at life. Our past experiences have drawn us to one another and we trust that our future is very bright.  We are taking small steps at a time but I can confirm that every time I see him I do want to spend more time with him. In a nutshell, we are both pragmatic but both of us are allowing ourselves to dream.
I joined your services in September 11. It has been, till meeting Bill, a difficult course with many starts and stops. Bill was my third match and I would like to thank Katherine and Meghan for talking to me and addressing my concerns and doubts. A special thanks to Meghan who handled Bill's file and took the time to call me to arrange a date with him. She was right on. 
I was Bill's first date and he says that he could write a book about how happy he is with your services. So again thank you for matching us and for your good wishes.  Fingers crossed!


November 20, 2012

A wonderful handwritten happy hold letter from a gentleman in our Modesto office. Congratulations, Stanley and Connie!

November 13, 2012

Hi Megan,

Per our conversation on Thursday, 11/8, I would like to continue seeing Jimmy.  He is a great guy and we are have lots of fun.  He is funny, laid back, but very interesting.  We have great talks about politics, children, plight of our communities, and just silly stuff.  We spent the entire day together yesterday, just walking and looking in antique stores....he is a lot of I think I will just hang with him until he gives reason not to. 

Thanks and have a wonderful week.  Happy Thanksgiving, too.


November 13, 2012

Hello Samantha,

Thank you for introducing me to Joel.  I really enjoyed meeting him and we seemed to have a lot in common.  Thank you for listening to my specific requests over the past few months and matching me with someone that I would like to see again and get to know. Please could you place my membership on hold.  


November 6, 2012

Aloha Lucy:

I really do like Daniel and hope that this works out for the best.  I like that Daniel is sweet, seems caring, he does kiss me in public so I'm not hidden.  He seems to want to take me wherever I want to go.  He's like a big Teddy Bear.  He is quiet but he is easy to talk to. He seems patient and understanding of things that we talked about.
I think Lucy, that you are doing your best.  I appreciate your encouragement and the time you do take to talk to me.
Thanks for your help and hope things go well for us both!!


November 6, 2012

Hi Donni:

Thank you so much for your expertise at matching me up with Nancy.  You are very good at matchmaking!  I really appreciate how you listen to my feedback since I have a tendency to go deeper in the emotional areas then most men.  I am extremely appreciative of the matchmaking process that your department has developed since it is specifically there to protect my interest and see that I find happiness.  I consider myself to be very fortunate at finding your company.

Besides being a very physically attractive women, Nancy takes the time to show appreciation in her body, face, voice, and being.  Her emotional availability comes out through these “non-verbal” signs and it really feels good to be in company with a women who can do this.  In addition, she is intelligent with a much wider world experience in travel and entertainment then I have since my background is more nature/outdoor activities.  She is open to exploring outdoor activities to some degree which I am finding hopeful but enjoys the fact that I would like to do more higher end travel vacations and outings like Vegas/Reno/Carmel and maybe even an ocean cruise since I love boats/water.  I’m excited about the fact that she is a professional dancer and I’m looking forward to getting back to dancing after a ten year absence.  She loves walks on the beach which fits right back into my love of the water, nature and surfing.

By way of this email, I am asking that my membership be placed on hold so that I can take time to explore this relationship.  Thank you, again, for your fabulous work!



November 6, 2012

Hi Samantha,
Sorry for the delay in my response. The qualities that I like with Robert is his sense of humor, very kind and thoughtful.  He knows how to treat a woman opening up doors, asking if you would like something to drink or eat. Good listener and down to earth type of person.
As far as matching service... I believe you picked out Robert for me and I was assigned to you since Nicole's departure, you did a great job.
Yes I would like to place my name on hold so I may get to know Robert.
Thank you


November 3, 2012


I have enjoyed Gloria’s company. Our last date was  a wonderful dinner at the Snowbird Ski Resort Aerie Restaurant.

I find Gloria attractive, intelligent, and we seem to be compatible and have fun together.

You may put my membership on hold, while we explore this relationship.

Thank you