Dear Lisa:

Thank you for your email.
I am indeed very happy to have you put me on “happy hold”.
What to say about Bill other than he is the perfect match? He is straightforward, very classy, a refined man with great culture. Bill is extremely tactful and full of humor. We love the same things (dining, cooking, wine, theatre, music, movies) and have the same way of thinking and looking at life. Our past experiences have drawn us to one another and we trust that our future is very bright.  We are taking small steps at a time but I can confirm that every time I see him I do want to spend more time with him. In a nutshell, we are both pragmatic but both of us are allowing ourselves to dream.
I joined your services in September 11. It has been, till meeting Bill, a difficult course with many starts and stops. Bill was my third match and I would like to thank Katherine and Meghan for talking to me and addressing my concerns and doubts. A special thanks to Meghan who handled Bill’s file and took the time to call me to arrange a date with him. She was right on. 
I was Bill’s first date and he says that he could write a book about how happy he is with your services. So again thank you for matching us and for your good wishes.  Fingers crossed!