November 6, 2012

By Published On: November 6, 2012

Hi Donni:

Thank you so much for your expertise at matching me up with Nancy.  You are very good at matchmaking!  I really appreciate how you listen to my feedback since I have a tendency to go deeper in the emotional areas then most men.  I am extremely appreciative of the matchmaking process that your department has developed since it is specifically there to protect my interest and see that I find happiness.  I consider myself to be very fortunate at finding your company.

Besides being a very physically attractive women, Nancy takes the time to show appreciation in her body, face, voice, and being.  Her emotional availability comes out through these “non-verbal” signs and it really feels good to be in company with a women who can do this.  In addition, she is intelligent with a much wider world experience in travel and entertainment then I have since my background is more nature/outdoor activities.  She is open to exploring outdoor activities to some degree which I am finding hopeful but enjoys the fact that I would like to do more higher end travel vacations and outings like Vegas/Reno/Carmel and maybe even an ocean cruise since I love boats/water.  I’m excited about the fact that she is a professional dancer and I’m looking forward to getting back to dancing after a ten year absence.  She loves walks on the beach which fits right back into my love of the water, nature and surfing.

By way of this email, I am asking that my membership be placed on hold so that I can take time to explore this relationship.  Thank you, again, for your fabulous work!



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