March 14, 2011

Hi Kathrine,

Thank you very much for encouraging me to meet with Bob. Your description of him was very accurate. He is a very nice person and a gentleman, fun to be with, and so far I have enjoyed every moment I've spent with him. he makes me feel very special, respects me, takes good care of me, and nicely surprises me.

We are both very busy during the week, but every evening he gives me a call just to say good night. After we've met in person, we have spent every weekend together. We like cooking together, dancing, motorcycle riding, skiing, and spending time with our children. We both have very similar relationships with our kids. Bob and my son Robert can talk for hours about cars and motorcycles, and I have become close to his daughter. She enjoys going shopping with us, and we had a great time in Lake Tahoe a week ago.

We get closer every weekend and we already have plans for our next vacation in April to celebrate his birthday. We are trying to spend every possible moment together and getting to know each other. So please put my membership on hold. I would like to explore this relationship and making it permanent. Yesterday we had a conversation about our future and we both feel that we have a good chance.

Best Regards,