She is a really good person

Yes I would like to go on happy hold for K. We seem to be of similar opinions and I would like to focus on getting to know her. We have a ways to go but I am enthusiastic. We have established an awful lot in common, things I didn't even expect and we are barely getting to know one another at this stage. We are establishing a rapport. We haven't even danced yet, it's so independent of that, this is extremely encouraging.
Things she has indicated to me tell me she is a really good person and she is very worth getting to know. She is very warm, gentle in her verbal manner and yet, what I have learned, is she is able to assert herself in circumstances where appropriate or needed. She has strength of character I admire in a person, down to earth, and easy going.

He likes to dance

He is kind, positive and politically and spiritually we are alike. Our backgrounds are similar and we each have done a lot of work to have a different frequency to attract better in our lives. He likes to dance and says he is a good lead. I’m a good follower so that is good too. He mentioned we have so much in common and we have not even danced yet. He teaches Tai Chi and I practice Qi Gong. His gentleness along with his kindness is someone I want to get to know more. He is grounded and not high maintenance. No walking on eggshells. What a gift. Thank you Lori, you always make me feel special.

We have been blessed

P is an amazing woman. She has an amazing family and support group that I am anxious to meet. She is active and enjoys many of the same activities as I do as well as having interests that I am anxious to learn about. She is a committed Christian and shares a commitment to Christ that I admire and strive to accomplish with her help. Last but definitely not least, she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I look forward to the journey we are both setting out on. It is my hope that we will enjoy the rest of the days we have been blessed with together.

As summer turns to fall

I am very happy to have been matched with J. Though we've only had a few dates, there was a mutual appreciation in terms of sensibility, if you will. Like myself, in the past she lived for decades on the West Coast, which gave us an immediate connection. I happen to be a journalist who covers politics, and she has a big interest in that. Like myself, she also enjoys nice glass of red wine! It's early days, so I can't predict what will happen, but I'm hoping that we will continue to see each other as summer turns to fall and see how it all plays out.

He is dear to me

J is a kind generous man. Because he wasn’t much of a talker I was always trying to draw him out. I actually tried to dump him twice but, over time, he has grown into expressing himself more, worming his way into my heart. Having no children and little family, his circle of influence is quite small. Mine, on the other hand is huge. He lives over an hour from me which makes getting together rather difficult. All that said, the man is very dear to me. What happens next is yet to be known.

Our values align

I felt a strong connection with C after getting pass the initial disconnect; we had a small misunderstanding, but it’s all good now. Our values really align with each other, so I'm very excited getting to know her better and see where goes.

Enjoyment is an understatement

J and I met on Sunday afternoon. It didn't take long to realize that we were very well matched. We spent all afternoon talking and getting to know each other. J came back on Monday and again on Tuesday. To say that we enjoyed each other's company would be a drastic understatement. We have made some future plans and are excited to see where this journey leads. Thank you Presley and Courtney. You did a great job for us.

We actually love each other

She is intelligent, good looking, and fun to be with. We really enjoy each other's company. We have pretty frequent interactions, dates and talking on the phone. I think there are some strong connections here. We actually love each other!

You really hit the nail on the head

By coming together between Courtney and particularly Presley, you have hit this nail on the head! I’m so thankful for your efforts, and I couldn't be more surprised that it has become a stellar experience.

The way she laughs

L is great! I love the way she laughs. She has a big heart for animals which is very sweet. I look forward to getting to know her more and growing closer through our time together. Please place my introductions on Happy Hold.