We have a lot of fun

D & I have a lot in common. He’s kind, engages in active listening & has emotional intelligence. We share the same faith & values. And we have a lot of fun together.

I believe we have a home run!

After the first couple of matches were strike-outs, I believe we have a home run! I couldn't be happier. It’s still early, but I have confidence that we have both found what we wanted and needed. Thank you to the entire staff for all you do.

I just adore him

I have seen L about ten times and just adore him. I am smitten by his mind and heart. He has accepted me in my situation. He is so kind. We have had very deep talks. It has been a whirlwind and we both didn't expect it. I feel like I am falling in love.

It's been very romantic

He has always shown interest in me and my well-being since we met. We've had great conversations and very romantic dates so far. We have gotten along very well and he’s a very thoughtful and caring man. I hope our relationship will continue growing positively every day.

She's patient

M is incredibly intelligent, refined and cultured. She was patient with my inexperience in dating and had realistic expectations. She carries conversation excellently and has a parallel personality.

I like spending time with him

What’s not to like? He is smart, kind, and funny. He’s so handsome and a perfect gentleman. I really enjoy spending time with him, and I want to do it more often. Please place my membership on hold.

It's clear to me

Hi Vanessa,
I had my first meeting with C last Thursday, and it was just a very nice one. We had a great talk, and I could see we share common values and interests. Apart from that, I felt attracted to her physically, which is also important to me. We have been talking and texting each other every day and expressing our feelings. We have pretty similar feelings and ideas about partnership, so I am very curious and motivated to keep dating her and getting to know each other in a better way. I will let you know about how our next meetings go!
Apart from that, I wanted to say thank you for all the calls, effort, and good advice you have given through these previous months while trying to find a match for me. I think I could have found someone special, but I need more time to confirm it. What is clear for me is that I am ready to put my matchmaking membership on hold, so I confirm my Happy Hold request. I will keep you updated about our next meetings, but from now on I want to focus on meeting and getting to know C better.

Family, cars, and baseball!

My match and I share similar personalities and Christian values. We likewise enjoy the same entertainment venues, music from the 60’s thru the 80’s, Netflix movies, and strong IPA’s. We also respect one another’s love of family, classy automobiles, and high scoring baseball games!

It took a little time

I would like to go on happy hold with J. I told Lori after the first meeting I did not find him especially attractive but that I had a second meeting planned. I spoke to her today and told her to change that comment! J is very nice. He’s exactly what I asked for. He is a gentleman, he is conservative, and he is not religious. Intimacy is good. I just enjoy spending time with him and look forward to more. We seem very compatible.

He's a genuine, sweet guy

I’d like to go on Happy Hold with J. He really seems like a genuine and sweet man. He’s a good father, a driven businessman, and overall has his life together. Thank you for the introduction.