A strong sense of etiquette and integrity

Hi Jessica

Yes I would like to place my membership on hold for now.  I appreciate your taking more time to listen to the qualities I am looking for, as represented by your latest introduction for me, Harold. With both of us having grown up in significant sports pursuits we had a lot to talk about over our first dinner.  He is charming, intelligent education, funny, and seems to have a strong sense of etiquette and integrity I appreciate.  I also appreciate his motivation, drive, and balanced lifestyle.   Thank you again and I will be in touch.

Easy to talk to

Hi Sabrina,

Please put my account on hold.  Rick and I have been talking and texting since our lunch date 2 weeks ago. I left for vacation the week after and we’ve been still talking. He seems to be easy to talk to and is a very hard working person.  He is kind and sweet so I don’t want to discount him because he needs to cut his hair.
We are planning another lunch date today.  Let’s see how it goes for a little while.

I would like a "happy" hold.

Yes, I would like a "happy" hold.  I have asked Debbie for a second date and we are trying to coordinate schedules.  The distance is a challenge but we shall see.

I appreciate Debbie's warmth, easy to talk to manner.  We seemed to connect such that I was surprised that it was a five hour date where so many of my other "first" dates were two or three hours.
Thanks for your efforts,

I feel like you care about me.

Confirmed, thank you!

Please put my account on hold as I look forward to becoming more acquainted with Steve.
His strength of character is further exemplified by the number of years of education and job training he has acquired.  Having the ability to put off rewards of the immediate for those of the future are highly valued in my world.
Most importantly, he was open regarding the failure of his previous marriages. He said that he had seeked the counsel of a psychologist - and still does today.  He articulated quite clearly that " It was all about me. I was selfish."  Perhaps better put, " I'm a card carrying member of non-'God Complex Doctors' Anonymous" as well as non-'I will win every argument Attorney' Anonymous!
Jessica has made a concerted effort to accommodate my very particular concerns. She has learned the vernacular specific to the Mormon church, it's basic, albeit complex, functioning structure and many of its subtle inner workings.
(Thank you, Jess, for all your time, energy and concern finding matches.!!  I feel like you care about me.)

Outdid yourself this time

Yes Patrice, I would like to be place on hold with match making. You may have out did yourself this time.  Connie is a doll, she’s a lot of fun, and outstanding person. We had lunch, and did a lot of taking. I think Connie is interested in me also. So after lunch, we went to the winery. The winery was about an hour away, that gave us more time to talk and get to know each other better. We had a very good time and we made a date for the following weekend. I could fall in love with Connie  every easy. Thanks, here hoping!!

I appreciate that you listened to me

Dear Gianni

I am writing to confirm that I would like my membership placed on hold.
Todd has a great sense of humor and so far it has been nice getting to know him.
I appreciate that you listened to me about the likes and dislikes of previous date's.

Our differences compliment each other

Hi Gianni,

Teresa and I have been seeing each other 2 or 3 times a week and have done many activities since our first date.  We hit it off immediately.  Although she initially stated she didn’t hike that much we have been hiking many times to the ocean for long walks and she is awesome.  She wants to do more and more trips and excursions with me.  She genuinely enjoys these experiences and I feel it.  It seems as if she truly appreciates the beauty and it is wonderful for me to share my passion for nature with someone else.  We have also done many other activities including golfing, she is really good, not so much for me but I like trying, baseball games, movies and enjoy going to restaurants.  As a couple, our personalities are very closely matched, much to both of our surprise.  I am over educated and she has been very focused on her business life, however, we both share a very similar vision of what we want to do for the rest of our lives.   I guess our differences compliment each other.  I feel she is very genuine and authentic.  I think we are both at a point where we are  missing each other when we are apart.  Wow!   Finally, my first kiss with her was the best, we definitely have chemistry and it has gotten much better.  So, thank you for introducing us and I am hoping that my need for your matchmaking expertise is a thing of the past.
Warm Regards,

Thank-you for helping me find her!

Yes, please place me on Happy Hold as Beverly and I are enjoying each other very much. She and I have so much in common! We both like to travel, are very active, like the same types of music and dancing, and are “young at heart”. Thank-you for helping me find her!

Truly enjoy working with you as a matchmaker

Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much! Some qualities I appreciate so far about Paul is how attentive he is to detail. When I mention things I like or activities I like to do he remembers and either asks me questions, and this comes across in later conversations or texts. He was very, very kind on our date and did things to go out of his way to be considerate and well mannered like opening doors. I actually asked him to get a refill for my drink while waiting in a different line for tickets he actually went and got me a refill. When he was walking me back to my car there was an elderly lady who spilled some of her belongings out of her bag and he rushed in to assist her. I felt this was a very gentleman like thing to do. I can tell that he is very open and receptive. He is a great communicator. He is funny and I love that about him. On a difficult work day there is nothing I love more than someone that can make me laugh and is "punny" ( I used that word on him). We are going on a second date so I would really like to see where this goes. I am confirming that I would like to put my account on a happy hold for now.
I truly enjoy working with you as a matchmaker and feel great about the qualities of matches you are finding for me. Thank you so much and I look forward to continuing to work with you.
                                          Best Regards,


Lori and I have been doing good. We are working together and getting thought our differences
I would like to be put on hold but keep in touch.
I’ll send some pictures of new acquisitions.