April 29, 2014

Hi Marie,
Many thanks for finding Jeff and for introducing him to me. I have had a great time with him because of with your support, effort and patience. You are always very kind and I really appreciate all you have done for me. I think maybe it is too early to determine to membership on hold since dated only twice with him, but I really would like to get to know about him. Thank you again, Marie!
Warm regards,

April 29, 2014

Hello Lucy,
What can I say, Emmie (I believe her name is correctly spelled) is very pleasant and positive. Most importantly she seems to like me. As always, it’s a pleasure to work with you. Please put my membership on hold. With any luck this will work out.
Thanks again,

April 29, 2014

There are many qualities about Pattie that I appreciate. She is just top notch, she has a personallity that just lights up the room. She is kind, giving, and compassionate.  She is open, honest and direct.  She is a great communicator and I just love that about her.  I feel like she completely accepts me for who I am.  And she likes country music, how lucky am i?
I am really happy with my experince with your team. You may have just matched me with the love of my life.  Time will tell :)

April 29, 2014

Hi Chelsea,

I am confirming that I desire a hold status while Mary Kay and I work on our relationship.

Mary Kay is very intelligent and well educated.  She speaks well, and is not afraid to communicate what she wants or is concerned about.  She has a strong Christian faith that underlies her values.  She is a great mother.  She is competent, responsible and has very good social skills.  She is funny and fun to be with.

I have to compliment your department for matching me with Mary Kay on the first try.  Chelsea, you and I haven’t had a chance to work much together, but I appreciate that you listened to what I had to say and acted on it quicker than I expected.  I am very comfortable working with you.


April 29, 2014

Thank you Marie,

I had not identified your mail earlier and I will now reply.
In Juan you have offered me a very compatible match. We are the same age, he is certainly very interesting, nice conversation and good education. His sense of humor is like mine, laughing is a wonderful connection between us.

As you know I am traveling at the moment, we only have met one time and exchange e-mails when possible.  I must say at your matching service is bending backward to satisfy my wishes. I realize that I am asking a lot of you Marie in particular and of your team. Your patience is endless, and pays back. You are making me feel comfortable about telling you exactly what I feel. Thank you very much.

If possible I would like my membership to be put on hold. Juan deserves lots of attention, and I am willing to give it an honest trial.
Thank you Marie,

April 26, 2014

Hi Donni,

As I mentioned, Ken and I have been spending a lot of time together. Ken is very thoughtful. I really appreciate the fact that he makes an effort to spend time with me. For example, yesterday I went for a long run to prepare for an upcoming race and he rode his bike beside me the entire time. 
He also appreciates that fact that I spend quality time with my friends. He believes it is very important to have a balance - which is great because my friends are a big part of my life. 
Overall he is a very caring person and I look forward to getting to know him more. At this point, I would like to place my membership on hold.
With regard to the matchmaking department, I thought the process was smooth and I would recommend it to my friends (already have). If I decide to continue my membership in the future, I would like to actually meet you in person so that you can access my personality in person. Something I probably should have done.  

April 23, 2014

Hi Marie, glad to send this email.  I feel out of all the match makers I have dealt with, you have been the first who listened to my comments. Now about Greg, he was the first I have met that I feel were at the same place in our lives, mutual qualities, kindness, respect, I look forward to getting to know him better.  So Marie, please put my account on hold, we have only had one date, so if things change, I will let you know.

Many thanks, SG

April 21, 2014

Hello Marie!

I have found my new match to be an exceptionally gracious, feminine, lady who is very considerate and supportive.  She speaks several languages and is an excellent chef as well.  I think you are very talented and dedicated to your service which I would highly recommend to others who are in search of a serious, grown up, relationship!

With Best Wishes,


April 21, 2014

This is Seven.

Getting to know Amy has been fun. She is so kind and nice to talk to. She is very pretty and can carry on a discussion. We have a lot in common. With what we have been threw in our lives. I would like to put my membership on hold so we can get to know each other.