April 14, 2014

By Published On: April 14, 2014
Hi Marie,

You’ve got the Live & Laugh part right so far, it remains to be seen if Love Again will happen.  Only time will tell.  Mabel is everything you said she was. She is a woman of refreshing candor.  I have never imagined meeting someone, who can talk as much as me.  It’s a nice break to listen for a change. We met last night for a drink, which by the way, she does not drink. An awesome influence for me to quit.  We talked, laughed, had brochette (delicious), walked arm in arm to her car, and said goodnight. Romance is definitely in the air…


Marie, it’s been awesome working with you.  You’re the first matchmaker, who has even come close to finding a perfect match.  And, it only took you two tries.  Thank you so much!


Please put my membership on hold until further notice.

Thank you,

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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