Hi Donni,
Thanks for all your help trying to find me a match this past year and a half or so.  Some of the qualities I appreciate about Lisa are: she is pretty laid back, mellow, easy going personality, is close in age to me, so we can relate on certain levels, she is mature minded, but also seems to be adventurous. She’s attractive and takes care of herself, exercises regularly. I like her look: her dark complexion, dark hair, and she has some very nice feminine curves on her.
We seem to have somewhat similar interests as far as things we like to do, i.e. going out to eat, grabbing a beer or some wine, watching movies, maybe some sports, etc. Walking on the beach.  I like that she has similar religious beliefs as me, us both being Catholic, although I may a bit more spiritual than she is.  She is intelligent, we can hold intelligent conversations. We work in similar fields, i.e. high tech/internet related companies.  She seems close to her family, which I like, that her family is important to her. As my family is important to me, too.  I like the fact that she still leaves open the possibility of having children, if the circumstances, the right person, and health issues, allow for it to happen. I feel the same way – not a must for me, but I want to be open to having more children.  I like that she doesn’t have children of her own right now, mostly for the fact that it leaves her with less commitments to tie her down, and hopefully be freer to spend more time with me, as I’m really looking for someone who is truly available to do things with on a regular basis. Companionship, if you will.  I also like that she seems like she can be affectionate, too, without getting too mushy.
Overall, a very nice girl.
I have been glad to have you, Donni, as my matchmaker. You always seem to be working in the wings, trying your best to find someone for me you think I’d like, and who would like me back, and us be a good fit together. Sometimes, I have to admit, I felt like you weren’t quite following the things I was looking for in a woman, like the age range or having too many kids, or the distance – that type of thing. But, you got a lot of things right, and were always looking to get more information from me after each new date, seemingly finding better matches for me as time went along. It was great that you kept finding new women for me to meet almost every couple weeks, and you encouraged me to keep an open mind, which I tried to follow your advice. It was nice you gave me some dating tips as well, since I know I still need them 🙂
You are always cheerful on the phone and polite, and always get excited if you find someone you think will fit well for me, or if I tell you a certain date went well, so that is always nice. And, you also have been genuinely sympathetic to me when things haven’t gone so great, either.  I also know you’ve gone above and beyond what my contract calls for, and for that I appreciate, especially since the cost has been pretty substantial for me, given my circumstances with my daughter.
I do confirm that I’d like to put my membership on hold for now, as I’d like to see where things can go with Lisa.
Thanks again for your help, service, and understanding.