We understand each other

He is smart, and he is a very caring man. We have similar likes. We have also been through similar experiences in life, so we understand each other.

Building a relationship

We share many similar interests in common. He is interesting, and has a caring personality. I'm looking forward to building a relationship with him.

Totally took me by surprise!

Well when I joined the matchmaking service I wanted to meet someone new. My first actual date was with M and it was so romantic and special. I read on dating advice on how to BE the one instead if finding the ONE. I dressed to the 9's left my phone in the car. I saw his Truck outside the steakhouse which was my choice of Venue. I greeted him with a beautiful card. He was surprised! He noticed my sparkling nail polish and told me I looked lovely. We had a wonderful meal. Now this man is very shy. I am opposite. I told him I had to use the restroom then went to the gift shop and bought him a refrigerator magnet and a stained glass window ornament. He was just blown away by me. We made plans for our second date. He snuck in a kiss on my lips! Totally took me by surprise! We spoke on the phone a few times. He was fascinated by my professional business sense. Here we are on our way to seeing each other more. My happy hold is a safe place for me. M is well aware of my need to always be the princess and all that comes along with that. He is a good listener and understands my emotional side. I will take it slow watch my step and color his world my style! M is a simple calm person. He holds back nothing when expressing how he feels about me. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes with him. I really want to say thank you!

Yours Truly


It has been refreshing

I'm enjoying getting to know K. We have so many of the important things in common like a common faith and outlook on family. It has been refreshing. I'm taking a happy hold to see where this leads.

We may get married

M and I realize that we are compatible. We have great communication skills and do well when we travel. I feel that once we iron out some issues we may be married.

We get along

We get along with each other, and we communicate well. We have a lot of the same interests. We like to travel, and we travel well together

Looking forward to a loving relationship

J is pretty, sweet, intelligent, kind and very attentive to me. We are very much a like in all the important and very minor ways. Our norms and folkways are the same. We both lived through 30 + years of emotional deserts. We don't have any show stoppers to a full and loving relationship. It is almost painful to be separated. She is just amazing and I would not have found her without Matchmaking nor would she have found me.

We have a great time together

Stacey pretty much nailed it when she put us together, we like the same things, we have interesting conversations, we have similar life goals and we just have a great time. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Getting to really know each other

Similar characteristics and past experiences. We have a very emotional connection even though initially was not physically attracted to him a few weeks later we reconnected and he cleaned up his looks which showed me we are are mutually attracted to each other. We are getting to really know each other.

She's what I needed in life

She's open, laid back, fun to talk with. Has a bit of a trouble maker side to her - but the fun kind. Very attractive. And just seems like a nice person. She is the type of person I need/want in my life at this stage.