• July 31, 20160 min

    Hi Kalima, Yes please put my membership on hold. I think Brad is a great guy and I enjoy that he likes to go out and do things. He is also very kind, funny, and respectful. Nichole

  • July 30, 20161 min

    Hello, Gary, my second match,  is a very caring, considerate gentleman. with great old fashioned values. He really knows how to treat a woman with courtesy and kindness. He is attractive and is a great communicator. We seem to be well matched so far...have quite a lot in common. He [...]

  • July 28, 20160 min

    Nicole, I would like to put my membership on hold. I have been seeing Kristy and have enjoyed her company. At the present time I would like to continue to explore my relationship with her. I find her to be fascinating, fun, cute, and witty amongst other things. I have [...]

  • July 28, 20160 min

    Ana is such a wonderful person and has a great personality. Amber is a great person to work with. She is experienced with her job.  I would like to place my membership on hold.  Thank you.

  • July 27, 20160 min

    Hello Amber, Some the qualities that attract me to Cynthia are: 1)  Her sense of style - tasteful yet elegant and suited for the occasion. 2)  Attentiveness to the conversation.  Wasn't all about her but listened to me and kept conversation moving. 3)  Similar values, attitudes, and interests. Regarding Amber, [...]

  • July 21, 20161 min

    Dear Gianni As we have discuss on the phone, I am so happy on how Steve and I have got along so well.  Since the first date that we felt so comfortable with each other. We are so honest and open to one another.  There is no subject that we [...]

  • July 19, 20160 min

    Hi Nicole, Katy is well spoken, attractive,witty and comfortable to be around. Thank you for matching us you have been both friendly and informative. This email confirms that I am putting my membership on until and unless I never hear from Katy. Thank you, Raul

  • July 18, 20162 min

    Hi Holly, Thank you for introducing me to Nic - he's a wonderful man and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better.  Here's some of the qualities I really like about him since I've known him for the last couple of weeks: - He is very thoughtful and [...]

  • July 15, 20161 min

    Dear Nicole, Oh I'm glad I didn't do a baddy. I believe Monty also put himself on hold. What I like, He is a great conversationalist Easy to be with Very interesting because he has been all over the world Not a huge tall man which I like because I [...]

  • July 13, 20161 min

    Amber, Thanks for the message. Some of the qualities I appreciate about Michelle include the following. She is very intelligent and easy to talk to. Michelle is attractive and active which are a big plus. We have similar fitness interests and much in common when it comes to interest and [...]

  • July 7, 20160 min

    Amber, When I first met Alyssa she took my breath away. She immediately captivated me with her knowledge and charm. Her strong independence and humor make her a joy to know. Stunning beauty, intelligence, and honesty don't come close to doing who she is justice. Inside and out she is [...]