We are having fun

By Published On: July 15, 2016

Dear Nicole,
Oh I’m glad I didn’t do a baddy. I believe Monty also put himself on hold.

What I like,
He is a great conversationalist
Easy to be with
Very interesting because he has been all over the world
Not a huge tall man which I like because I am pretty short
Very intelligent and witty

He is still planning on traveling so, I want to get to know him as much as possible before he blasts off again.

This weekend will be our fourth date.
First one was at a local resteraunt.
Second date was bbq at my home
Third date was a riot. We were going to go see a movie sold out,resteraunt  closed
Zoo at micki’s Grove closed,  then we drove to Stockton and had an awesome dinner, when we got back to Lodi someone had smashed a fire hydrant in front of the theater and a gusher of water was spaying 20 feet in the air!! Right by my car. Fire trucks and Police everywhere!, Guess we’ll have that to talk about forever!
Anyway we are having fun,

Take care, Nancy

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