A very sweet gentle soul

Very happy that Irene introduced me to H who is a very sweet gentle soul. Irene and the rest of my matchmaking team did a great job of bringing H into my life after going thru 6 introductions. Very happy that I had Irene as my matchmaker!

He is a fantastic man

I would like to have a happy hold with J. He is a great man. I just want to be with him. He is a fantastic man. He is a different kind of man. We have odd dates at odd time because of our schedules and it is fantastic and he is an amazing man. We are going on a trip to Mexico. It doesn't make sense that he would go on my business trip so soon but I have time to spend too and it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't come with me if he could. I feel safe and secure with him. I am grateful for your service Lori.

We carry great conversations

R is a good wholesome person, she is good hearted, she is really open with me and we carry great conversations. When we talk it's like we have known each other forever, but it’s only been a short period of our lives now. We go out for coffee and are going to go to on a trip together soon too! The connection we have is so great. The process of the 3 Date Rule makes it all feel so real. Thank you Lori.

See where this can go

I will go on happy hold for T. I like him. He is a great guy. I’m very comfortable being around Ted. He is family oriented. Still new, but I want to see where this relationship can go. We are really enjoying each other's company.

Thick as thieves

I am very happy with M. We spend every minute together if not at work and are really happy. We are both family oriented and spend time at her daughter's house BBQing, going out to dinner, cooking at my house, spending time really getting to know each other and it is so good I can't even tell you how good it is. We hit it off right away. We are thick as thieves.

We're getting married next year!

L and I are getting along really well and doing really good. She is a great support. My mom is terminally ill and L is the only person she allows at her house and even asks if L is coming over. We have talked about her moving in and us getting married next year. She is a wonderful person. For the most part we are getting along incredibly and doing good. Thank you Lori.

Moving forward

Hi Lori. S and I are doing wonderful. He is smart, funny, loving, good-looking, open-minded, and too many things to mention. We are in a committed relationship and moving forward. I'm actually waiting on a call from him right now. Thank you!😊

Never felt this comfortable

I really enjoy spending time with B. We have only gone out three times, so a "happy hold" may be premature. Definitely, do not want to scare anybody by moving too fast or sounding like I am assuming this is more than it is. We are still getting to know each other. However, I really do not want to date anyone else right now, while we explore where this might go.

I don't think I have ever felt this comfortable being myself with someone else. And felt like my partner was genuinely enjoying my company as much as I was theirs. B is easy to be with. He is full of life, funny, witty, smart, and creative. Not bad on the eyes, either. I hope he finds me the same. I enjoy being with him. When we talk, he really listens, responding with good feedback and generally a bit of humor. I'm looking forward to seeing where this might lead.

No games

we can finish each others statements. It’s truly uncanny. We even grew up in the same area in the 60/70's. We could have known each other for decades. It kind of feels like we have. No subjects or conversions are off limits. I could squeal! Finally a relationship with no games.

She's an amazing woman

She's genuine, honest, fun, cute, and she was very easy to open up to. We had very similar experiences in our marriages, and we just clicked. She's an amazing woman! Thank you for bringing us together.