Wait and see!

This has been wonderful. We’re compatible in many ways, and he seems to be the type of man that might make me very happy in the long run. I guess we’ll wait and see!

Her smile lights up the room

A is an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and caring woman. She is beautiful with a smile that lights up the room. It’s just easy, and enjoyable, to be around her and I find myself thinking about her more often than not.

The man I was waiting for

L is the man that I was waiting for my entire life. He is compassionate, sweet, handsome, sexy, loving, funny, mischievous, and he lets me be myself without judgment. L brings out the best in me every day. I love him very much. When we first met, it was as if we had known each other our entire lives and had always been together. We spent the whole day together and have not been separated since. This is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. You could have not found a better man for me, and I really appreciate you introducing us to each other.

He is a happy person

K is a great person. Kind and thoughtful and I think everything I asked for in a match. Thank you. He communicates very well. He is a happy person, and that makes him great to be with.

A lifetime relationship

Odette, place my membership on hold. L & I are serious about working toward a lifetime relationship. She's very special! She's beautiful, an amazing woman with a lovely personality, and exactly who I was looking for.

She's never met a stranger

She seems to be comfortable in her own skin and seems to have never met a stranger. Always smiling and content with herself. She seems to be open to the Catholic faith which I hold dear. There are still many things that we need to explore, which is why I want to go on hold.

Still learning

Thank you for reaching out. I think I’m ready to go on happy hold. We are still learning about each other and having a lot of fun on our journey. V is a nice man who is also willing to get to know each other slowly. Lori, thanks so much.

She's everything I am looking for

There are so many things I am happy about my match. As I have been getting to know her I am finding that she checks so many boxes for what I am looking for. The best I can tell she is a good Christian woman, one of the most important things to me. She is very sweet and caring. She is very compassionate. She is unselfish. As I continue to get to know her I am starting to think that maybe she is everything I am looking for in a life partner. We seem to fit so well together. There are many things we have in common and have begun to enjoy some activities together. We both are and want to continue to be physically active and work at having a healthy lifestyle. I am so glad I have been matched with her.

She caught me off guard

It's rather strange but she just completely caught me off guard. I guess I was working uphill from our initial match even though I didn't know it but it definitely makes me want to know so much more about her.

I was hooked after the third date

My matchmaker, Janell, was wonderful to hear from. I'm thrilled I have a happy hold. J was my 2nd introduction. My first date was okay but felt more interview-like than date-like. Still, I decided to give him another date like you recommended and date 2 was so much more relaxed and enjoyable and I was hooked on J after date 3. I’m excited for my happy hold.