I feel extremely lucky


Thanks so much for the email.  I don't know you well, but I've had the best experience yet with you as my matchmaker.  I feel extremely lucky to have met P. He has a great sense of humor, great character and we just hit it off right away…  I'm very attracted to him and I like the way he interacts not only with me, but others.

HOLD-Yes, I would like to be put on a hold as we discussed yesterday.  I will definitely call you if something changes.  I'm hoping it doesn't. Anyway, feel free to call if you need anything from me. I appreciate your hard work.


Megan did a great job picking...

Yes, I would like to be put on hold for now.

Tim is interesting, likes to play golf, and a really nice guy.

Megan did great job picking Tim as a good match.  She has been helpful and kept me posted.



She is my perfect 10

To: Gianni

Marilyn is beautiful and she is easy to talk to. She is very smart, honest and sexy. I'm proud to show her off to my friends. Everyone loves her.

We have gone out several times and it keeps getting better and better. She is my keeper. I want to thank Gianni for matching us up.  She knew Marilyn was for me. She said we made a cute couple. Thank you, Gianni!

She is my perfect 10. Please put me on the inactive list and thank you all for everything.

Let's put me on hold...

Hi Jess,

Let's put me on hold.  I'm happy to have met Kathy. I had a pleasant first lunch with her, and an interesting conversation.  We've had similar experiences: living in XX and XX, long motorcycle rides in our past, and tutoring elementary school children using the same program.  She clearly puts a priority on her health, nutrition and fitness and is attractive and energetic as a result.  She's had a variety of work experiences, as have I, and it was fun to swap stories.

You provided a good summary of the nice qualities I would see when I met Kathy, and I appreciate that.


I want to get to know him better!


This is to confirm that I want to put my membership on "Happy Hold" for now.

I like that Mark and I have a lot in common. He was raised in the Midwest like me. He has daughters, he is intelligent, well educated, only a year older than me, is well-traveled, is kind and appears to be quite considerate.  He is active and willing to do different things.

I want to get to know him better!



She truly listens and paid attention to my requirements for a match...


I want to tell you how happy I am with my decision to join your matchmaking service. I am so pleased with the experience that I referred a friend who is also a member. From the moment I met with Mintah to working with the matchmaking team, it has been a fun and exciting experience.

Working with Chaep'n has been delightful. She is professional, warm and friendly. She truly listens and paid attention to my requirements for a match and I am now going on a second date with a wonderful man named Michael. He is kind, caring, polite and a true gentleman. All qualities that are greatly appreciated.

I would like to put my account on Happy Hold as Michael and I continue to get to know each other better and see what the future holds for us.




I would like to please have you put my account on Happy Hold while I get to know Rima!! She and I hit it off she is so much fun to be around!! She is also a real classy lady!!!! Thank you so much for giving me this match Chaep'n and Matchmakers.


We just get each other...

Hi Megan,

Bill is a very nice man. He is a gentleman (opens doors and pays for meals), a good communicator, has a sense of humor, is confident and a positive human being. We just get each other and enjoy each other’s company.


I truly see a future in this relationship

Please put me on a Happy Hold ❤

I can’t thank my matchmakers enough for this match with M.  He’s so incredibly comfortable to be with.  Such a gentleman, kind, and very, very funny.

After our first date, he called me to say, he was so happy and hadn’t laughed that hard in years.  We stayed talking on the phone until he was sure I made it home safely.  We have spent numerous hours talking and laughing on the phone and in person along with numerous texts. We have been on numerous dates.

I’m very happy.   It’s like we have known each other for a very long time.  I truly see a future in this relationship.

Thank you again Jasmine for this perfect match!

Respectfully submitted,


Talking with him seems effortless...

Thank you, matchmakers, and a special thanks to Chaep'n for matching me with George. So far, we have many things in common. He is easy to talk to and we have similar interests.

When we spoke for the first time, I immediately felt at ease. George is knowledgeable in many areas of interest to me.  Talking with him seems effortless. When it was time to go, I knew I wanted to see him again.

We have made plans to spend more time together, and I look forward to seeing how our relationship will progress- we have an interesting chemistry!

Please place my account on Happy Hold so we can continue getting to know one another.