Communicate so easily

Caryl is very easy to get along with, always looks nice, we get along great, like to do things together, have not had any disagreements because we can communicate so easily and we both agree that we don't have the time to argue. We are both independent both financially and strong emotionally and look forward to long life together.

A great personality

Hi Gianni
What I liked about Kim...well here goes.
I liked that she has a very likable personality, she is active and her own person. Kim went on a trip to visit China by herself something I wouldn't have thought to do or would do by myself. I would like to go on hold for now with hopes she would like to go out again when she gets back in few weeks. Gianni has a great personality and makes talking to her fun. She listens and try's to make the next match something to look forwards to.
By for now.

Takes me for how I am

    I would like you to put my membership on hold for the time being. The experience with matchmaking is great, the choices that were presented to me were very good. Now to Joy she has become a very important to me, she takes me for how I am, and I take her for who she is. I cannot help but to smile when I see her, we can make each other laugh almost anytime.

Happy hold

Yes on what you called a 'happy hold'.
Sharon seems very classy and enjoys herself. She readily laughs and has fit in with different environments, both city and country. She is focused on getting to know each other and gets through my bad habit of talking too much. Very rewarding from my perspective to be able to become friends.

Absolutely everything I've been looking for

Hi Ana!

What do I like about Jeff?  He is gentle, sweet, and loving, while still having a strong, assertive personality.  He has an awesome sense of humor, he's very down to earth and practical,  straightforward and direct, and so much fun to be around. He can be funny, and yet also have deep, insightful conversations.  He knows how to hold up his end of a conversation, and is very smart. 
I can't believe how perfectly you matched us, he is absolutely everything I've been looking for and then some... and he says I am everything he's ever wanted in a woman. It is pretty obvious that you listened very closely to both of us and had an excellent grasp of what we were looking for.  I don't know where this will end up, but you got us off to a magnificent start! We owe you big, Ana!
I know we have only known each other for a week, but I think he just might be the one!  Please put me on hold... I honestly don't know how you could ever top this guy. LOL


Perfect for me

 Hi Deja,
I am happy to know that you take the time and are concerned as to your clients success and happiness with Matchmakers.
I have had two or three different dates before I met  Peter, who for now, seems perfect for me.
I have known Peter for about two months and have been on several dates with him. I find him attractive, fun and funny.
I like that Peter is respectful of me, considerate and that we have many things in common, not only in our past lives but in the present times as well. Peter places much value for his family but has the freedom of living his life as he sees fit. I feel comfortable with Peter and can share my thoughts and feelings with him and trust that some things with stay just with him.
Deja, when I spoke with you about my next date, that was the one with Peter, you said, “I have the perfect person for you” and , so far, it seems to be that way.  You surely did your homework to know what would appeal to me.
Thank you Deja,  good work.
Deja, I would like to place my membership on hold for now.

This system really works

That you Bree you are good, this lady is fantastic,we have decided to be placed on hold so we can get better acquainted. This system really works. Thanks, Jose.

A really good first match

Hi Deja,
I am confirming that I would like to place my membership on hold so that I can get to know Len better. The qualities I like about Len are his sense of humor, he makes me laugh. He has a stong personality but it's mixed with a sweetness and gentleness. Our conversations are good, and the silent/quite times in between don't feel at all awkward. He has a directness in his approach that I find refreshing. My communication style is much the same. He has a bold adventurous quality that I find exciting. He likes travel, golf, sailing and the beach and so do I.  He is willing to try new things like getting back on skis even though he's not thrilled about it because he knows that I love it. I like this about him. He is family oriented, and a good father to his 2 daughters. I also like the fact that he has a positive relationship with their mother, his ex. I think the process of getting to know him better will be fun and exciting and I thank you guys for giving me a really good first match.
Best, Donna

It will be interesting!

Well, David and I have a lot in common.  We were born in the same year, and we are both widowed.  We both have only one child and two grandchildren.  We are individuals with different interests but are open to learning about new things.  He loves working on old cars and attending car shows around the country.  My travel has usually included music in some form.
Today he came downtown to meet me where I work in the American Banjo Museum on Wednesdays and then took me to get a bite to eat before I left for my church’s choir practice.  I have made it abundantly clear that my church is my home and my family.  Everything that has been good for me for the past 37 years has come from there.
We are going to the O.U. vs K.S.U. football game this Saturday.  He has season tickets and is a rabid O.U. fan.  I am a rabid K.S.U. fan.  It will be interesting!
For now, place my membership on hold, but I am not predicting anything yet.

A courteous professional

Carol is a loving and caring mother and grandmother to all of her children.  Carol is honest and open to discuss specific wants and or needs in a committed relationship.  Carol also has two precious puppies and loves them as well.  Carol keeps a clean home.  While Carol is very cautious entering into a permanent relationship, I do respect her wishes and  I feel Carol has much love to offer the man she chooses to be with in a permanent relationship leading to marriage. 

Brie is doing a great job and open to my feedback from past meetings with other matches.  Brie is a courteous professional and responds to my phone calls.
I choose to place my place my current membership on hold.