A remarkable lady

By Published On: October 10, 2016

Thanks, Megan, and thanks for matching Suzie and me. Where to begin. Suzie is a remarkable lady. She’s very intelligent and motivated, yet carries herself with relative ease. She likes to have fun, break a rule now and then, and still be true to the many responsibilities she has. Suzie is easy to talk to, has a  great sense of humor and a wonderful smile. We have much in common when it comes to recreational interests. Not so much so on the professional side, but I think that’s healthy. The exception is that we’re both entrepreneurial and have run our own businesses for quite some time. She enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, hiking and rafting. Suzie has three kids and that was an initial concern. You never know how the kids will respond to mom’s dates. But she adores them and they sound like extremely well-adjusted and wonderful kids. Suzie is also drop dead gorgeous and not a bad dancer.

I’m pleased with the matchmaking service thus far. I would like to place things on hold while Suzie and I get more acquainted.
Thanks again, Megan.

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