Well, David and I have a lot in common.  We were born in the same year, and we are both widowed.  We both have only one child and two grandchildren.  We are individuals with different interests but are open to learning about new things.  He loves working on old cars and attending car shows around the country.  My travel has usually included music in some form.
Today he came downtown to meet me where I work in the American Banjo Museum on Wednesdays and then took me to get a bite to eat before I left for my church’s choir practice.  I have made it abundantly clear that my church is my home and my family.  Everything that has been good for me for the past 37 years has come from there.
We are going to the O.U. vs K.S.U. football game this Saturday.  He has season tickets and is a rabid O.U. fan.  I am a rabid K.S.U. fan.  It will be interesting!
For now, place my membership on hold, but I am not predicting anything yet.