The deepest love for one another.

By Published On: October 5, 2016

Hi Nicole,

I meet Marcella for hors d’oeuvres this Monday and then again on Tuesday evening when I invited her to the Paul McCartney concert in Sacramento.  Marcella appeared comfortable interacting with family and our management staff during our stay in our private suite.  I like that Marcella is smart, understands business as I am a business owner she likes many of the same things I do like dancing, skiing, boating, jet skiing and travel.  She has the time share with me and we’re a great size fit and eat healthy and both like having fun.  She mentioned that she is loyal, honest, timely, but a little shy and all that is good.   And I am attracted to her and will take good care of her…
Thank you Nicole for looking hard and finding the fit of Marcella and me and I know it is not easy, but I felt comfortable you would me the right match (The perfect woman).  You have always been easy to talk with and contact and I appropriate your professional demeanor.
Please note that I would like to put my membership on hold while Marcella and I have time to discover and find the deepest love for one another.


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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