She's beautiful, smart, and kind


J is a beautiful, smart and kind lady, who also likes me. Thanks for matching us.


We love sharing our lives together

He is thoughtful, considerate, polite, strong faith, wonderful manners, affectionate, flexible, creative and always considers my feelings. We have a lot in common & love sharing our lives together. Thank you for the introduction. You finally got it right.

He is a total package


C is a total package. Patient, kind, intelligent, and attractive. We’re planning a few trips together and it would be beneficial to the process if we focus on growing this relationship.



He is thoughtful and romantic

D is an excellent communicator. He is patient, kind, thoughtful and romantic. I just want to focus on getting to know him more without distractions from other matches.

She's amazing

She is amazing we like so many of the same things,and we know alot about each other and know how to talk to one another

We enjoy being together


She is a beautiful woman who I enjoy being with and she enjoys being with me


He's a true gentleman

He is awesome! He’s a true gentleman who genuinely cares. His belief in God is strong; He is honest and has integrity. We can talk about anything in an open fashion. We have fun going and doing activities together. I can be myself when I’m with him.

Let's see where it goes!

Hello Lori,
I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help in finding a match for me. I am looking forward to exploring this new relationship with J and see where it goes.
Your professionalism, understanding, and kindness are greatly appreciated with such a personal and emotional experience.
I will keep you posted.
Have a wonderful productive day,

I felt a strong connection

I had been through several dating sites and didn't have any successful dating events. I was looking for something better when I came across San Antonio Matchmakers. I had a interview with them explaining what I was looking for in a relationship. They had set me up with several different dates and were all really nice women, just didn't have any connections. Then I was set up with my fourth date and had a very nice time and felt a strong connection. It took a short time after each date and filling out a survey that San Antonio Matchmakers finally found the perfect match for me. I am very pleased and looking forward to seeing where this relationship goes.

We spent four hours getting acquainted

Last week when I met J for the first time we spent four hours getting acquainted
If she had said do you want to spend some more time together I would have said YES

She both smart and a great communicator
I addition she is just plane beautiful

It has been a long week waiting for our next date which is tomorrow

One of my personal sayings is we all hit many singles and doubles but I believe this one is a home run

Yes please put me on hold as I really want to spend some quality time with J.