We have started dating

Thank you for your note, Holly.

Larry is such a sweet and loving man!  He is a gentleman and a great cook!

All in all you found Larry for me!

Please place my membership on hold as Larry and I have started dating.

Thank you,


Helped me along the way

Andriea -

please place my membership on hold as Cathy & I get to know each other better.  I enjoyed spending time with her Sunday evening and liked her level of confidence, contagious laugh, and sense of humor.  She is attractive with or without her sexy specs.  She seemed very knowledgeable and intelligent.  I like that she didn't wear a lot of makeup, and that we never ran out of conversation.

I have enjoyed working with you and the matchmaking department.  You have made me feel comfortable and have helped me along the way.



Doing such a wonderful job

Hi Andriea:

Yes, I would like to place my membership on hold while taking the time to get to know Ed.

We found time to meet just before Christmas in San Mateo at Peet's Coffee.

We had great conversation. Ed was cordial with nice manner, easy to talk to, plus he had nice smile too.

It's going to be a bit of a challenge since we are 60 miles apart, but we would like to give this a try.

Thanks again, Andr​iea, for introducing us. You have been doing such wonderful job in getting nice gentlemen lined up for me. I truly appreciate it.

Happy New Year to you.


Matchmaker Success Stories 48

Hi Holly,

I am really enjoying getting to know John.  I feel we started to hit it off during our first phone conversation.

John and I share the same values and connect in many ways.  He is a lot of fun to be with, has a big personality, and a gentle spirit.  He is a gentleman in all areas, and seems very kind and thoughtful.  I like that John 'gives back', and helps with the less fortunate in the community through the church.

As we spend time together, I am discovering more things we have in common.  I am looking forward to getting to know John better, and hope to continue to grow our relationship!

If you would like to put my membership on hold that would be ok, however I don't anticipate needing to continue dating other men in the future.

Thank you for your help in finding the perfect man for me (I hope).


Thank you for your interest and efforts on my behalf.

Hi Jess,

I am trying to open my mind to different kinds of people and appreciate what is nice about them.  I think it just takes me some time to see if there is any thought to  life being better and more fun WITH them. We all have "interesting qualities" that aren't perfect and I most of all should be grateful for my friendships, as I am the least perfect of all.

Robert is a nice looking man, in good shape from what I can tell, I have seen him only twice. Although he is younger he seems older, but still nice-looking. The first time he called we spoke for over an hour, which seemed like a really long time.  It was a good conversation however...Honestly, I appreciate the opportunity to sit across from someone and see how we relate before a lot of phone calls or texts.

We had our first meeting at BJ's restaurant by the mall... then a morning mall walk at my suggestion.  He was easy to talk to.  We had pleasant conversation.  I would like to try to spend a little time in person to learn more... I'm sure there is more there.

Jess, the Matchmaking.

Jess, you have been good, and I feel promise with you.  I am not the easiest, but I truly believed someone would have my best interest at heart when I signed on.

​Thank you for listening. Thank you for your interest and efforts on my behalf.



I feel like a teenager again!

Hey Carolyn:

Please accept this E-Mail as my request to place my membership status "on-hold" at this time.  You have introduced me to a wonderful lady, Kelly.  You have been extremely helpful during our seach for someone, and I believe that you have had my best interests at heart, which is now obvious.

Kelly is a wonderful lady.  She has a very interesting background, is very social, we hit it off well together, and we seem to have very similar opinions on a number of subjects, and how we each would like to proceed in our lives.  I feel like a teenager again!

Thank you Carolyn.  Please contact me if you have any questions at this time.




Thank you for all you do

Dear Megan and Amber,

I enjoy talking and spending time with Leonard. He is very kind and considerate.  We have experienced some of the same situations. I would like to take more time to get to know him better. To do this I need to put my membership on hold.

Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas!



As a result of your quality service I'm pleased to request that you put my account on hold. Thank you for matching me with Cindy Gibbons. Quite possibly she might be the finest woman I have ever known. I was impressed with all the ladies you introduced to me. They were wonderful, but with Cindy there is a deep connection, a synergy, a groove.

I always felt that you were working hard to find me great matches, and you did! It was always a pleasure working with you. You are indeed a credit to your organization.

Again, thank you so much!



I believe we have met the goal.

Hi Keiland,

I have been matched with various people over the past year with little success. But since you have taken over the handling of my account, you have worked with me very well with trying to make a good match. I believe we have met the goal. The meeting with Paige was awesome right from the initial meeting! She is a very easy to talk to person, kind hearted, great listener & I felt comfortable discussing a variety of topics. I like to very much continue to learn more about Paige & potentially develop a relationship with her. So I would like to focus on her & not continue to be future matched at this time. I would like to be placed on a 'Happy Hold' while I pursue this potential option.

Thank you for your great input & handling of matching me with her. I will keep you informed of the progress & hopefully will not have to continue the membership.

Thanks for your help

Please place my membership on hold.  I wish to have more dates with Linda who is more down-to-earth and seems well grounded in family and life.

Thanks for your help.