Andriea and Keiland,
I want to thank the singles matchmaking department for taking the time and effort to find personalities, likes and dislikes into consideration when trying to get 2 people together.
Martin is such a gentleman and although a big and burly man he is truly a gentle man, he is my “teddy bear”.  He is always thinking of me and my wants and needs.  He is always aware of my thoughtful and distant looking moods and wants to know what is on my mind.
Whatever suggestions I make in any thing we want to do he gives his honest opinion whether or not he agrees with it and gives reasons why or why not that particular thing will or will not work. Distance has been a challenge for us but we have worked it out so we are only a few days at the most apart from each other.

I have fallen in love with him and he with me. We are planning a January 2, 2016 wedding here in Wichita and I will be moving to McPherson where he resides.

Obviously I want and need to place my membership on hold as I have no desire to look any further.
Thank you again.