By Published On: December 29, 2015
Hi Holly,

I am really enjoying getting to know John.  I feel we started to hit it off during our first phone conversation.

John and I share the same values and connect in many ways.  He is a lot of fun to be with, has a big personality, and a gentle spirit.  He is a gentleman in all areas, and seems very kind and thoughtful.  I like that John ‘gives back’, and helps with the less fortunate in the community through the church.

As we spend time together, I am discovering more things we have in common.  I am looking forward to getting to know John better, and hope to continue to grow our relationship!

If you would like to put my membership on hold that would be ok, however I don’t anticipate needing to continue dating other men in the future.

Thank you for your help in finding the perfect man for me (I hope).


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