Hi Jess,

I am trying to open my mind to different kinds of people and appreciate what is nice about them.  I think it just takes me some time to see if there is any thought to  life being better and more fun WITH them. We all have “interesting qualities” that aren’t perfect and I most of all should be grateful for my friendships, as I am the least perfect of all.

Robert is a nice looking man, in good shape from what I can tell, I have seen him only twice. Although he is younger he seems older, but still nice-looking. The first time he called we spoke for over an hour, which seemed like a really long time.  It was a good conversation however…Honestly, I appreciate the opportunity to sit across from someone and see how we relate before a lot of phone calls or texts.

We had our first meeting at BJ’s restaurant by the mall… then a morning mall walk at my suggestion.  He was easy to talk to.  We had pleasant conversation.  I would like to try to spend a little time in person to learn more… I’m sure there is more there.

Jess, the Matchmaking.

Jess, you have been good, and I feel promise with you.  I am not the easiest, but I truly believed someone would have my best interest at heart when I signed on.

​Thank you for listening. Thank you for your interest and efforts on my behalf.