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By Published On: December 8, 2015
Hi Holly,
What I like about Jorge is that he is funny, has a great sense of humor, is confident, feels good about himself, loves to travel, dances salsa, is open to doing fun things with me, is flexible and optimistic.
He is also good looking with his nice brown eyes, short brown hair and clean shaven face except for his neat go-tee. He also smells good and has clean hands and clothes. His facial expressions and tone of voice are very expressive which I find very attractive and interests me. I enjoy listening to his voice and accent.
I feel happy when we talk and after our date. He has good energy and it is contagious. He seems open, honest and non-defensive.
I appreciated his paying for my dinner and offering to cook for me. He calls or sends me a text nearly every day, which I love. He wanted me to call him when I got home from our date. So I felt cared for.
I like that he works full time and lives close. I also like that he understands that I need to spend time with my daughter.
I like that he asked me at the end of our date when we can meet again! Woo hoo! That is so rare!!!
He also has nice hands. I reached for his hand when we were walking to the car after dinner. It felt really good to hold his hand because it is soft, warm, and clean.
I also like that he talked about teaching me to play golf, go to a tango show and take me to see Machu Pichu in Peru. I felt really good hearing him think about doing things in the future with me.
We’ll see where this goes. I’ll keep you posted.
I appreciate working with you.
As you know, I have been single for years. Being a vegetarian, spiritual psychologist, I am not exactly the easiest woman for whom to find a match.
I really appreciate your taking the time to meet with me in person. I know you are very busy and imagine you must have 1000s of clients.
I felt really heard and cared for when we met and every time we talk on the phone.
When I talk to you, I feel like you care about me and my well being and that you want to help me find the right man.
I have dated more men than any woman I have ever met. Over the years, it gets discouraging.
I appreciate your looking out for me and advising me. I appreciate your keeping hope alive when I gave up.
I read the five love languages. Quality time and touch were my top love languages followed by acts of service.
Thanks for all your support.
Talk to you soon.

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