A beautiful love letter

By Published On: December 10, 2015
Amber:  Below is a love note I have written to Maria reflecting back on our second date last evening.
Dear Maria
Last night, our second date, could not have been better!
I found you to be interested, caring, open, honest, attentive, warm, loving, affectionate, receptive, hopeful, understanding, empathetic, intelligent, funny, witty, insightful, simple yet sophisticated, predictable yet surprising, spontaneous, motivated, animated, expressive, appropriate, ready, willing, deep, connected, stable, pliable, interesting, interactive, articulate, amiable, caring, considerate, generous, passionate, romantic, tender, amorous, kind, patient, astute, imaginative, wise, discerning, confident, self-assured, responsive and intuitive.
I loved the way you dressed, the way you carry yourself, the way you smelled and the way you look!  (I love that you wear very little make-up by the way).
Some of the most touching moments for me came when we discussed my children, your decision not to have children, your optimism and outlook regarding my young Javier and our parents. I want you to know that I want to learn more and more about you as you feel comfortable sharing yourself with me.
You floored me when you touched me, when you held my hand at the table and while we walked, stroked my leg with yours under the table, hugged me from behind as we were looking at the old architectural drawings mounted on the wall and tenderly touched my chin (catching me totally by surprise!) while we sat next to the fire!  And you kissed me not once but three times as we said good night!  How endearing!  I wanted but did not necessarily expect this from you.  If you sensed any hesitation on my part it was not because of you, but it was simply me keeping me in check at this point.  I want you to continue to take the lead in this department so I am sure you are well within your comfort zone.
I have begun to learn about you and it leaves me yearning to know you more and more!  I hope that my feelings resonate within you.  I believe that they do, but please continue to give me feedback so I don’t overstep my bounds.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know with your words or your body language or both if at any time you feel uncomfortable in any way.  I don’t want to now or at any time move beyond healthy boundaries with you and us as we continue to get to know one another.
Without boundaries there can be no relationship.
Without relationship there can be no intimacy.
Without intimacy there can be no love.
And without love the spiritual path is hidden from us.
I so look forward to our next time together and am humbled that you invited me to your home on Saturday and to the musical concert later this month.  I can’t wait to invite you to my home as well!  And you didn’t even hesitate when I invited you to travel with me to my sister’s house over the holiday weekend!  (By the way, she is thrilled that you are coming and can’t wait to meet you!)  Are you ready to fall in love with little Jacob?  I know he will fall in love with you.  And he may not be the only fella falling in love…. I’m just saying.
— George
Amber:  It seems you and your match making ability may have not only hit a home run, but perhaps a grand slam!
Need I say more?

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