July 15, 2012

Yes, Stephen and I are having a nice time getting to know each other.  I just
have to keep convincing him to "slow down"...:)  He has great qualities such as
fine dining, attending to my needs, he includes me in almost everything he does
so I never feel left out.  He buys me flowers and so forth.  I really feel there are lots of good things to come from this relationship.  I can't believe I don't want to date anyone else (right now); but of course Stephen is also very happy we met and I know he definitely doesn't want to date anyone else.  You were very thoughtful and absolutely exceptionally in this match.  I really adore the chemistry between the two of us.  Also, I can't believe he has the same birthday as my "play" brother that passed away in Dec 2010.  He also has the same sign as my dad (Sagittarius).  He told me he requested a Libra Woman lol  I guess he really knows what he wants and I definitely really know what I want...and we both have the qualities that each other was looking for.  We actually talk on the phone sometimes up to 10 hours lol  - and here I thought I was busy lol  I think I'm still in shock that this relationship is happening.  I'm waiting to wake up find something wrong; hopefully not...:)  But it does seem too perfect; I can't believe it.

Thank You so much for listening, and taking the time to match us together because I don't think I would have ever met him in my path.  You definitely must have also put the two pictures together lol  I can see how you said "Yes"  let's call Stephen

Well Megan, I just want to thank you and Jill for your support through
all my "jitters".  Yes you are the EXPERTS!

July 13, 2012


I felt May displayed the following qualities in abundance

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Grace
  • Worldly
  • Spirituality
  • Maturity
  • Confident
  • Daring
  • Genuine
I would like to get to know her if I have the chance.  Please place my membership on hold.
Thank you very much!

July 12, 2012

You really found the perfect girl for me!  Judit is the exact girl I was hoping to meet. She is fun, smart and sexy!  We do so many things together and are having the time of our life so thank you very much.

Bob :)

P.S.  I'm confirming i want to put my membership on hold.

She is wonderful

Yvonne is a neat lady who was easy to talk to. We had dinner and a drink and found out about one another.

We have a lot of the same interest such as travel and we both take care of our grand children.  I hope to get to know her better in the coming weeks. she also is a very pleasant lady to be with.


I've met many matches but this one is special

Hi Donni,

Sorry for the delay in responding. As discussed a week or so ago please place my membership on hold. I have enjoyed working with you these past few months and appreciate your efforts in introducing me to a number of very nice women. I have made a couple of good friendships through the process and am now seeing Ying-Ying and getting to know her better. She is a very outgoing, attractive woman and we seem to have a lot in common. She is a hard-working professional and caring mother. She is active, open and honest and enjoys a good laugh. So we will see what happens. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks again and take care.


July 1, 2012

Hi Donni:

I think what I like about Robert is that he's very easy-going, down to earth, smart, caring, confident (but not arrogant), and he likes me!  I also think he's good-looking!
Since meeting him only one week ago yesterday, we've seen each other
at least 5 out of those 7 days!  ....weird....but what's nice about it
is that it's mutual.

So yes, please put my account on hold.  Thanx!  - Lynne