October 31, 2013

Hello Marie,

Yes I want to be put on hold. Susan and I have found that we have a common love of the water and find conversation easy. We are planning to get together again on Saturday. Thank you all for finding her and introducing us.


October 29, 2013

Hi Lucy,

First about you... I have been impressed by your attention to my concerns and your ability to listen to and hear me regarding my experience... your choice to introduce me to Varya speaks volumes about this... she is only your second referral and you have found an extraordinary human being for me to experience.  Whatever happens in my relationship with Varya, that fact will always be true....thank you!
About Varya.....hmmmmmmmm... Varya is a person of deep thought and emotion who understands the flow of spirit through us and the universe that we walk in...she struggles to touch and be touched by that spirit and give expression to it in her art... I am in awe of her brilliance, intellect, integrity and devotion to truth telling.  She is beautiful and graceful, kind and generous, quick to laughter and depth in equal measure, spontaneous and thoughtful and tolerant...resisting labels in favor of seeing in all dimensions that that word implies.......
That enough?.... I am privileged to know her.
Thanks again, and yes put me on hold for the moment...I sincerely hope that we can work out the issue that I spoke to you of.

October 23, 2013

Hello Marie.

Please put my membership on hold.  Claudia  is fantastic as well and will reconnect with her.   Thank you for all your help.


October 23, 2013

Hi Marie!
I am confirming that I would like to put my membership on hold.  Dean and I have decided to continue to date and see where this leads.  I can already tell you that I'm totally smitten with this man.  What I really appreciate about him is that he is ready for a new relationship and focused on that goal.  He makes me feel as if I'm a top priority in his life, which is great as he's certainly a top priority in mine.  Other qualities I appreciate in Dean are his openness, his loving and giving nature, his spirituality, and his ability to laugh and enjoy life.  What has been completely refreshing is Dean's willingness to try new things and his desire to travel.  We just seem to be really well suited for each other and I'm excited to see where this goes!

You asked that I mention my experience with the Matchmaking department.  I would say that overall my experience has been very good. I have constantly received matches, which has been great. Since you have been my matchmaker I feel that I'm getting a more quality service.

Thank you again for matching Dean and I!  We will definitely let you know how our relationship progresses!!!

All the best, Suzi

October 22, 2013

Hello Marie
Thank you very much for introducing me to Ken. He is a lovely gentleman and we hit if off immediately. I will forward a picture to you. I would like my membership to be put on hold for the time being so I can explore this possible relationship with Ken.
Thank you again for you kindness and hard work to bring me together with this wonderful person.
Warmest Regards,

October 22, 2013

Hi Marie,

The first date with Vicky was great.  I’m really hoping there was a typo below in your note and I’ll describe some of the qualities I appreciate in her!  She is gorgeous, vibrant, open and confident, very conversational, interesting, and gives an incredible good night kiss (hopefully only to selected, lucky recipients).

You, Marie, have been super to work with. I really appreciate your listening closely to my feedback and striving to find that connection that will sustain.

While I felt positive that there was some reciprocity of first impressions with Vicky, you can never be sure in this dating game.  If it peters out, I’ll be back in touch.  In the meantime, I’ll go with my instinct and put the membership on hold!



October 19, 2013

Hello Marie,
Ok your the best match maker ever because Lisa is pretty awesome. So YES I would like to place my membership on hold.
I don't understand how you guys do it but the matches have been getting better and better with every date. You are always up beat and excited to talk to me and I love that.  Lisa is Hot, funny and successful. She thinks I am handsome and funny. Ok that's enough WE will see how this pans out.

October 19, 2013

Hi Marie!!

Well Maricruz has a great sense of humor! Loves sports!! Love the same type of music and our beliefs and views seem to be very much alike... so for these reasons I would like to get to know her better before moving forward!!

Thanks for your help.


October 18, 2013

Hi Marie,

I want to thank you for matching me with Paul.  What a match!!  He is awesome to be with.  He keeps me laughing and a smile on my face.  I'm so comfortable being with him, he's down to earth, sincere, knows what he wants and very outgoing.  I look forward to getting to know him better.  So please put my membership on hold. 

Thanks again, you did a great job!!!!!


October 15, 2013

Hi Lucy and the match team, per our conversation on the drive home last night, I am writing the following.

First, i Just wanted to thank you for the match making process.
I am quite picky, and finding the right fit without pictures was a new venture for me.

The match making team took a while to figure out the mix, but Pamela seems to be a great fit for me. We are going to enjoy casual dating for a while and see where it goes, so I don't want to pursue other dates at this time and so am requesting my account to be placed on hold.

Pamela is a great mix of calm, yet independence.. She is spunky and yet listens with a keen interest. She is simple which offsets my many tasks...she has an amazing smile, where her eyes light up, and she makes me smile... She loves to cozy up with a good movie, but is a terrible cook, lol... which matches my chef skills... And she has no problems cleaning the dishes after... A great match. Lol... She has a large local family, which I love and cares a lot about kids. I love her abundance of energy in such a small and very attractive frame... I know I better not cross her, she'll keep me on my toes... Lol... She reminds me of Raymond's wife on Everyone Loves Raymond... Lol... Which, by the way, is one of my favorite shows!! She loves a great mix of movies tastes, musicals, theater and music... The is no doubt we will enjoy the same tastes while relaxing in our spare time,

I am hoping the miles between us will work out, only time will tell, but for now, I am really blessed that you guys have found such a cute pea in a pod.

Thank you Lucy for your match up, you were very excited about this one in particular, especially as i was very to the point and hardly ever had a second date with the other matches... lol... but you urged me to go outside my boundaries to take this risk. I remember when you said in a very excited voice, "I am really excited to see how this one goes, I think she is perfect for you.." I could hear the urgency in your voice... lol...
You guys seem genuinely excited to find that right blend.

I will keep you updated. Thank you again.