October 29, 2013

By Published On: October 29, 2013

Hi Lucy,

First about you… I have been impressed by your attention to my concerns and your ability to listen to and hear me regarding my experience… your choice to introduce me to Varya speaks volumes about this… she is only your second referral and you have found an extraordinary human being for me to experience.  Whatever happens in my relationship with Varya, that fact will always be true….thank you!
About Varya…..hmmmmmmmm… Varya is a person of deep thought and emotion who understands the flow of spirit through us and the universe that we walk in…she struggles to touch and be touched by that spirit and give expression to it in her art… I am in awe of her brilliance, intellect, integrity and devotion to truth telling.  She is beautiful and graceful, kind and generous, quick to laughter and depth in equal measure, spontaneous and thoughtful and tolerant…resisting labels in favor of seeing in all dimensions that that word implies…….
That enough?…. I am privileged to know her.
Thanks again, and yes put me on hold for the moment…I sincerely hope that we can work out the issue that I spoke to you of.

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