October 9, 2013

By Published On: October 9, 2013
Yea Donni,
Some of the qualities Kathy possesses are
1. She is Confident
2. Intelligence
3. Non-materialistic
4. Agreeableness and her ability to empathize
5. Self-sacrificing
6. She appreciates me
7. She’s nag-less
I had a brief match-matching experience with Marie.  On my second match with Marie she hit it out of the park. Kathy and I have been seeing each-other  for the past three weeks. And our relationship is growing. I have to say that Marie always respond back to me in a very timely fashion. She match are personalities very well. I want to thank her for bringing Kathy into my life. I wish to put my membership on Hold.  Thanks again to Marie.


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