• October 26, 20210 min

    Hi Tian, yes, happy hold status is requested. I'm very happy with M, so you did good there! No need to find me any other matches. . . . M [is] an understanding person with a sense of realism. . . . [T]hanks again for matching us up. I couldn't [...]

  • October 18, 20211 min

    Hi Tian! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am blown away with A! He is such an excellent match! Within a few seconds of meeting him I knew that I was going to really, really like him. I can't get over how at home I feel with him. I'm [...]

  • October 13, 20210 min

    Kathleen and I are a match made in heaven… So I guess you guys have a good connection 😇 because we have already become soulmates, And are planning a married in Vegas in January ... Picking up her ring from the jeweler in the next 24 hours we're both very [...]

  • October 11, 20211 min

    I am so happy with J. She is everything smart independent. Loving caring compassionate. She has all the qualities that I have been searching for and more. We talk everyday and get together as much as possible. It seems we ca n talk for hours and never get bored. I [...]

  • October 7, 20210 min

    Tian, thank you. It has been a real love story. A love store built on patience and love. We connected on a spiritual level and continue to connect spiritually daily. The part of of our love that's amazing are the part of me that wants to paint her as if [...]

  • October 5, 20210 min

    I would like to place my account on “Happy Hold”. B and I have many common interests, belief systems and values. I enjoy her company very much and am planning to spend more time with her in the future. T

  • October 1, 20210 min

    Hi Jesse, I would like to place my account on happy hold. Heidi appears to be a nice fit and I would like to get to know her exclusively for now. I complement you on the match. Heidi fits the profile I gave, plus. She is energetic, fit and extremely [...]

  • October 1, 20210 min

    Hi Jesse, I would like to place my account on happy hold while I continue to get to know Ken. I am enjoying everything about Ken but most specifically his romantic, caring personality, his wonderful sense of humor, and the great chemistry between us. We were very well matched. Thank [...]