He's generous.


Sorry I haven't responded sooner.  Life gets carried away sometimes.
The qualities I like and appreciate about Nick is that he is thoughtful, can carry on an intelligent conversation without an "I know it all" attitude.  HE ACTUALLY LISTENS!!  I can tell because he will ask questions or bring up the topics again at a later time/date, and he's asking things that make sense.  Many men don't listen because they don't care.  They're very much "all about me".  He's generous.  I find myself willing to offer to pay for things more often, when a guy doesn't "require" me to supposedly pay my share.  We also are on the same page when it comes to going out and doing things.  We both want to have fun and go out to eat, go to a baseball game, plan to get together with friends for an outing, etc.  Overall, so far so good, though.
Thank you for your help in trying to find a suitable match for me.

Thank you for introducing me to her

I would like to put my service on hold while Serena and I get to know each a little more. I would like to thank you for introducing me to her. She is bright and energetic and witty and funny and dripping with class!  I feel like you have done a good job of matching me to her. Thank you for listening to my desires.

The man I have been praying to our Lord to send to me

Dwayne is the man I have been praying to our Lord to send to me. No matter how we met I feel Jesus was guiding us . He is a wonderful man.we plan to try to take it slow BUT we both feel this deep love for one another it is difficult. Yet common since tells us we must know each other more deeply.before we totyaly commit! Truly Rita

Always upbeat

Having a great time with Sylissa. She's funny, quick witted and always upbeat.
As per our conversation, I wish to put my membership on hold for a month. I'll contact you when I wish to start again.
Thanks for hooking the two of us up. You did a great job finding me somebody I can relate to.

I haven't laughed so much in ages

Dear Nicole,
I was totally charmed by Joe.  His genuineness and honesty came through quickly.  He was a great conversationalist and very easy to talk to.  He was the perfect gentleman throughout the evening. You did a great job of finding someone whose interests matched mine. I haven't laughed so much in ages and it just keeps going.  I am having great fun, so I want to put my membership on hold for a few months to get to know Joe better.  I will be in Ireland  the whole month of August anyway.
You were so easy and pleasant to work with and I appreciate your efforts.  Our slow start had nothing to do with you,  but you more than made up for it when you chose Joe. I look forward to communicating with you again in a few months.
Thank you again,

He made me laugh a lot.

Thank you, we had a really nice night just talking and laughing.  We had dinner at Jardines in San Juan Bautista. He is very respectful, easy going and likes to laugh. He made me laugh a lot. He has similar interests in activities that I do. Shooting pool, going bowling and eating out. We talked about going to play pool next chance we get.
I think my match maker found someone who looks to be similar yet just different enough to make a good match for me.  Here's hoping!  I want to put my membership on hold long enough to find out.

I can share

I am sending you a response  as to my meeting with  Jim. He was very easy to speak with.  He shared readily  and with ease.  He was very polite  and attentive.
I have enjoyed sharing  with Kalima and her  looking  and refining a search for someone to match me with.  I find that she is some I can share and communicate what I am looking for  in  a potential  match.

I am wanting to get to know Jim  better so I  am putting my membership  on hold. Thank you for your assistance  on this.

Great experiences

Good afternoon Nicole,
I have seen Joan twice both times were great experiences for me.  She is open and honest but seems very interested in my responses to her questions too.  She has energy ....  and a plus is she touches...  a touch on my arm, will take my hand while we sit.....  it is a great feeling.
She is attractive (but I guess that is in the eye of the beholder), warm, responsive and a genuine real person.