He’s generous.

By Published On: June 30, 2016


Sorry I haven’t responded sooner.  Life gets carried away sometimes.
The qualities I like and appreciate about Nick is that he is thoughtful, can carry on an intelligent conversation without an “I know it all” attitude.  HE ACTUALLY LISTENS!!  I can tell because he will ask questions or bring up the topics again at a later time/date, and he’s asking things that make sense.  Many men don’t listen because they don’t care.  They’re very much “all about me”.  He’s generous.  I find myself willing to offer to pay for things more often, when a guy doesn’t “require” me to supposedly pay my share.  We also are on the same page when it comes to going out and doing things.  We both want to have fun and go out to eat, go to a baseball game, plan to get together with friends for an outing, etc.  Overall, so far so good, though.
Thank you for your help in trying to find a suitable match for me.

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