She is a fantastic person.

Hi Jessica!
I would be happy to give you feedback on Annie.
#1)  Originally She didn't respond to your call for her to respond to my profile/introduction. You set me up with another lady (that didn't work out). You asked me again about Annie and I responded that when she didn't respond before, let's just move on, but you encouraged me to try again on her, so I did.
#2) She turned out to be the most interesting lady I have met so far through you. She is such a good  listener! I told her things I haven't discussed with anyone else.She could sense I had a spiritual void in my life that I needed to work on. She invited me to her church services last Wednesday and Friday nights and I went to them both.
We went to a restaurant after each service and talked about the services and our lives.
#3) She has had a varied life, raising 7 adopted children, having a husband SHUT DOWN and leave her, being a school teacher who counsels children, and being a very spiritual person. She is a fantastic person.
I am confirming that I told you to  put my membership on hold to see how our relationship develops; both in the spiritual and personal levels.  
Jessica, you have been wonderful in your efforts to find a match for me. Each lady you have called me about;  you have been very thorough in bringing out their good points that I am interested in AND  being honest in the areas that I might not care for in that person. Thank you for hanging in there with Annie! You have such a nice positive attitude when I talk with you about each lady, that I feel you have done the research to try to find me that special someone I am looking for, but haven't been able to do so on my own.
Thanks Again, I appreciate all of your efforts!

Impressed with your services


Just a short note to tell how I have become impressed with your services. At first I was unsure about the matches, the first matches that were done by others did not meet my expectations.
When you matched me with Madelyn you showed that you understood what I was looking for. Madelyn and I are developing a relationship. As I understand from her I was her first match. She thinks you did good.
Until later,


A great match

Hello, Lucy.

It was a true delight meeting Gretchen, and I believe you finally introduced me to what I feel could be a great match. She's a beautiful lady who is athletic and tone, articulate, successful, witty and very attractive. We are in the same spiritual place and both have adult children. We're financially viable and able to carry on an intellectual conversation. We share the same Love Language, physical touch, and I believe we could be in a committed and passionate relationship. Frankly, she's the first woman I've wanted to have more dates with, and I look forward to getting to know her better.

I've enjoyed working with you, Lucy. It is my hope Gretchen feels as I do, and would like to explore the possibilities of a relationship; therefore, ask my membership be placed on hold.



A pleasure to work with

Ana-  I have been very pleased and comfortable in working with you thus far, You have been very helpful and seem to be very cognizant of my situation and needs and your personable and upbeat manner on the phone helps encourage me (which I seem to need). Everyone I have dealt with at Singles have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing in that fashion.

My fourth meet was with Linda and we have had several meets(dates) thus far. She is intelligent, fun to be with and attractive. We seem to have a lot of the same interests and seem to have an easy time talking to one another and sharing ideas. At this point I would like to go on hold for the time being to continue to (hopefully) spend time with her.
Thank you for your assistance.   


I appreciate all of the hard work

Dear Gianni,

Thank you for matching me with Shawn. I am not sure where it will lead but we are taking time to develop a relationship. He is a funny, kind man and very attentive. I appreciate all of the hard work you have done to find someone of interest for me. You have been great to work with.

Please place my membership on hold.


Best Regards.

Pleasantly surprised

Bill and I seem to be compatible and want to continue learning about each other to see how far this can proceed. He meets many of my criteria for a successful match and I thank you for the prospect. I am really pleasantly surprised this worked. Please accept this as confirmation to put my account on hold for the time being. Thanks, Ana.

Improved my life!

Hi Ana,
Thanks for matching me with both Ginny and Pat. I have had 2 dates with Ginny and 1 so far with Pat. I had very enjoyable times with Ginny but my 1 date with Pat was so successful. Pat and I are scheduled to have dinner together on Saturday and I just can feel that she is looking forward to the occasion as much as I am. Since our initial lunch, we have spoken on the 'phone and exchanged text messages and quite frankly, we are behaving like silly teenagers -  love it!
She is intelligent, dresses well, is worldly wise and very attractive. She is able to make me feel completely at ease with her and I look forward to our next meeting with eager anticipation. I will call you after our Saturday date to advise what my next step will be. Thanks for what you have done to improve my life!!

Delightful experiment

Hi Deja,
Yes, I confirm placing my membership "activity" on Happy Hold while Eleanor and I explore our growing relationship.  
Eleanor is delightfully talkative about anything while informative about many business, technology and social caring facts that she shares from her professional career, education and family upbringing.  She's accepting and comfortable with her man-date managing the date, but assertive with constructive options.  She has a lovable, slight shyness about her, but is not a wall flower.  She is respectful and friendly with most everyone and loves to witness birds and animals interacting with nature and pets with their pet owners.  She IS honest and tactfully tries to share her personal thoughts about life-learned truths.  I find her sweetly beautiful by nature without need of cosmetic help and sensually attractive to be near.  We both are amazed at the many life commonalities we share.  With our match, Matchmakers has remarkably got it right.  I find myself wanting to "protect" her from loneliness as I try to find a partner to better my own situation.  
Deja, you have been very professional, responsive and helpful to me in this delightful experiment.
For now, and going forward .  . Thank you,

Able to be myself

Hi Sabrina -

Yes, I would like to place my membership on hold.
Some of the qualities I liked about Mark -
  Sense of humor
  Down to Earth - This was extremely refreshing!!!
  Children are similar in age and dependency level as mine
  From the conversation he sounds like a good father to his children
  He's a BSU fan - I'm an alumni - Go Broncos
  The conversation was easy and flowed smoothly
  He likes to travel
  He likes to have a drink but doesn't go overboard
  He seems very non-judgemental
  He's a little frugal with his money - or at least likes to get a good deal on things (much like myself)
  He researched the menu at the place we were going before hand - for some reason I liked that as i too like to research the crap out of things - it was secretly pretty awesome.
  He just seems like a genuine person that I could have a lot of fun with and have some great conversations and be able to be myself around.

What more could you ask for

Hello Gianni , first thank you . Yvette and I meet at Chillys on our first date. We enjoyed a couple hours good conversation and smiles .Yvette is great all around. Passionate about life. taking time to smell the roses. something I really dig. so we decided to meet again, We went to Oklahomas largest haunted house on halloween..We had a blast ,chills thrills and holding hands for 30 min what more could you ask for. So I would like to place my membership on hold, thx