Italy cruise is in the works!

By Published On: November 2, 2016
My new man in my life and I, have differences that are very apparent, and almost seem a little insurmountable. But, when we communicate we become energetic with enthusiasm and change for the better! I had to open up to my man so that he can understand me that I am different that I am old fashioned. We align our emotions and intellect by chatting for hours each day by phone if we cannot meet that day! We live in two different cities–close but not far. So, a lot of long chatty phone calls. My man is a thinker and a passionate, romantic, caring gentleman. I really like that since I forgot how it feels to have someone hold your hand or say I missed you! In fact, he said he fallen in love with me when I said that first “Hello” on the phone. Our 1st date was at a burger place and he gave me a bouquet of flowers, 2nd date at a Warriors game and flowers again, 3rd date at bocce place for lunch then the park with picnic food and wine, 4th date at a breakfast place (he could not stop smiling and kissing me) and next date a night of the town. Italy cruise is in the works. I guess love can happen again! We have talked about marriage..stay tuned!
My man does not have some qualities, but somehow, he has compensate with his new behavior–the change!

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